6 Reasons to Use a VPN While Traveling

Reasons to Use a VPN While Traveling

6 Reasons to Use a VPN While Traveling – Questionable public networks, blocking problems, inaccessible applications… surfing the web while traveling abroad can sometimes be a real headache. Fortunately, there is a solution: VPN . A VPN, for Virtual Private Network , is software that generates an Internet connection with a server located in another country. Very practical, this little tool guarantees you anonymity , data security and savings . If you haven’t yet adopted a VPN when traveling , discover 6 excellent reasons to do so now!

Reasons to use a VPN while traveling

Secure your internet connections

When traveling, we often have to connect to public WIFI , whether in airports, train stations, hostels or even cafes. Very practical, these networks do not require any password and are therefore open to everyone. Except that the problem is that they are not at all secure . 

Your phone and computer then become easy prey for hackers hanging around nearby. With a minimum of computer knowledge, they can in fact quite easily penetrate your devices to steal your personal information, such as your bank card data .

What’s the point of VPN when traveling in all this? As explained in this VPN definition , it encrypts your data , making it unreadable to malicious souls. With it, no more risk of hacking, you can surf the Internet with complete peace of mind. 

Stay anonymous while traveling with a VPN

You’re probably aware, but when we browse the web, most of our actions are tracked . By our friend Google, already, but also in certain countries by the governments themselves. This is the case of Saudi Arabia or Russia for example. 

If you go there, even as a tourist, know that you automatically waive any notion of confidentiality and agree to have your private life under control . Downloads, communications, sites consulted… in short, the slightest of your virtual actions can be analyzed. 

Whether or not you have something to reproach yourself for, it is in any case not very pleasant to feel like you are constantly being watched . Once again, the VPN when traveling will therefore be used to hide your IP address as well as your exact location . With him, you are invisible and perfectly anonymous!

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Countering censorship in certain countries

If in World, We are relatively free in our movements (physical and digital), we sometimes forget that this is far from being the case everywhere. Many countries apply internet censorship and block access to popular sites and applications. 

We of course think of China, but also of Iran, where the use of Facebook , Instagram or even Whatsapp is completely prohibited . Rather annoying when it comes to staying in touch with loved ones, reading the news or sharing your adventures on social networks. 

A VPN will therefore allow you to bypass the firewalls put in place and unblock access to these applications. How ? By giving you the possibility to connect with another IP address, based in a country where there is no censorship . 

Access content abroad

Without even talking about censorship, there are services that are simply not available in certain countries due to broadcasting rights limited at borders. The most telling example: our national TV channels such as M6 or TF1, inaccessible outside Any Country.

So, if you can’t survive without watching Top Chef in replay or if you want to follow football matches with commentary in Local Language, there is only one solution to avoid these geographic restrictions: install a VPN and choose a IP . 

The same goes for apps like Netflix , whose content library varies a lot from one region of the globe to another. The US version therefore offers different programs from the French, Canada or Australian version. With a VPN , you have all the series, films and documentaries you want, no matter where you are! 

Save money with a VPN while traveling

If at this stage you are still not convinced of the usefulness of a VPN when traveling, this should change your mind. Indeed, did you know that this tool could also save you a lot of money?

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As you probably know, when we try to book a plane ticket or a hotel stay on the internet, companies track our search history . And after a few days, it is not uncommon to see the price suddenly increase.

It’s no coincidence, it’s the booking platform that strategically inflates prices to push you to buy quickly. On the other hand, if you take care to hide your IP with a VPN, it will think that it is your first visit and will therefore offer you the best rates!

One last tip : for internal flights or hotels, locate yourself in the destination you want to go to. You may be able to benefit from local prices, which are often more attractive.

Avoid bank blockages

Before leaving on a trip, especially if it involves remote and exotic destinations, it is always recommended to notify your bank in advance . But even having taken this precaution, it sometimes happens that your card is blocked when the bank detects “suspicious activity”.

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Certainly, this approach is based on a good intention, that of protecting your money if your card is ever lost or stolen. But if this has already happened to you, you know how frustrating this situation can be: no one wants to find themselves on the other side of the world without any means of payment .

Using a VPN, you can connect to a server located in your native country when making a purchase or banking transaction. Your bank, thinking that you are still at home, will leave you alone! 

Conclusion on VPNs when traveling

Now you understand better why many seasoned travelers swear by VPNs when on the road. For just a few euros per month, you have peace of mind and all the content you want, wherever you are in the world!

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