Berlin Itinerary: How to Spend 3 Days in Berlin

Berlin Itinerary

Berlin is constantly evolving, sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse, we will blame this on gentrification. The fact is that the freedom that this city provides, its atmosphere, its energy attracts more and more people every year.

There are a lot of things to do and visit in Berlin . More things than you can discover in 3 or 4 days . Especially if you decide to dedicate one of your evenings to partying here.

But even if you only have a short time there, it is still possible to see some must-see places.

So I have put together a short 3 or 4 day itinerary for you which will allow you to know what to visit, where to sleep and how to approach the city. Let’s go !

To read: each day is dedicated to an aspect of the city. You don’t have to do everything, you can select one or two activities according to your tastes. But all the activities of the same day are more or less close to each other.

Berlin Itinerary: How to Spend 3 Days in Berlin

Certain activities are possible on specific days of the week. I mention it when it does.

Quick summary of 3 days in Berlin
Day 1 – The cultural side: Museum and walks in the city center
Day 2 – The alternative side: Beer Garden, unusual and alternative places
Day 3 – Parks & Shopping: Unusual, small parks, shopping
Bonus day – party, bonus activities

There are a lot of things to see and do in Berlin, which is far from surprising given the size of the city. This is why I advise you to prepare your stay in advance rather than waiting to be there.
You risk getting scattered and, in the end, missing the essentials.

Berlin, a diverse and fascinating city

Before presenting to you the itinerary that seems ideal to me for discovering Berlin in 3 days, it seemed essential to me to tell you why I love this city so much.

There is always something to do in Berlin, and visiting for just 3 days won’t allow you to do them all. However, it should be enough to discover the essentials and above all, to make you want to go back!

The thing is, by only staying 3 days there, you might not feel that thing that most people feel after a week there. This indefinable thing that makes Berlin an incredibly endearing city.

So I prefer to warn you, if you plan to visit Berlin in 3 days and in addition to doing activities, it may seem a little short.

Yes, Berlin is a huge city, spread over a gigantic surface area. So, it takes a bit of time to connect one site to another, and to understand exactly how the city is made.

Despite everything, I am sure that you will have a great time there, because it is a capital full of history, very modern, with an ultra dynamic cultural life. Not a day goes by here without an event, concert or something else being organized.

To summarize, discovering Berlin in 3 days is a bit short, but if you do well, you will make the most of it!

Recommendation: I really recommend buying a 

pass card before your trip . It will allow you to have reductions on entry to the most popular sites and on certain transport. I always recommend it, because 

it allows you to save a lot of money.

Day 1 Visit Berlin – the cultural side


Berlin is a gigantic city that can be visited using public transport. So, if you want to walk around on foot, you need to focus on a central area, otherwise, you will miss half (or more!) of the city.

This is why I strongly advise you to take a guided (and free!) walk in the city center. Most youth hostels in the capital offer them. These guided tours are perfect for learning the city’s little secrets, discovering its must-see sites and feeling that atmosphere specific to Berlin that I love so much.

This first approach to Berlin is ideal to whet your appetite. Afterwards, it will be up to you to play, without any guide! You can book a guided tour on this page .


Checkpoint Charlie corresponds to the crossing point of the wall which allowed you to go from east to west, or vice versa. It is Berlin’s best-known post-border, and it fits perfectly with the city’s desire to preserve the vestiges and memories of its history.

Checkpoint Charlie

At Checkpoint Charlie, you can see a reproduction of the post-border era. This is a must-visit place if you want to learn more about the Cold War during your 3-day trip to Berlin . Right next to the checkpoint, on the walls along Friedrichstraße and Zimmerstraße, we learn more about escape attempts during the Cold War.


You’ve probably already guessed just by reading its name, Museum Island is an island… With museums! It’s a bit like the nerve center of Berlin culture. On a small island located on the Spree River, the island is home to 5 captivating museums, some of which display world-famous works of art.

Museum Island Berlin

Of course, I see you coming, you won’t have time to visit them all… And you’re right! If you don’t want to dedicate a whole day to their complete visit, I recommend two of my favorites: the Pergamon Museum and the Altes Museum.


I’ll be honest, the Brandenburg Gate is one of the most touristy sites in Berlin, and the crowds there can be overwhelming at times. But as it is magnificent and has become the symbol of reunified Germany, it is unmissable.

the Brandenburg Gate

In addition, his visit will not take you too much time. Because apart from admiring its architecture, there is not much more to do. However, you shouldn’t forget to get closer because up close, you can notice superb architectural details.
And if you have some time to spare before your next visit, take the opportunity to go for a walk in the neighborhood. There are plenty of shops, museums and galleries.


 Reichtag Palace

The Reichtag Palace houses the German parliament. It is an enormous and sumptuous monument whose history is truly fascinating. Don’t just look at the outside, visit the inside too!

Built in 1894, the palace caught fire in 1933 before being almost destroyed at the end of the Second World War. Fortunately, the government took care of restoring it and today it has been restored to its former splendor. Inside, you have to climb up to the dome that overlooks the palace to access magnificent views. If like me you are passionate about history, then a visit to the Reichtag will be one of the most beautiful moments of your 3-day stay in Berlin.

Day 2 Visit Berlin – the alternative side



The East Side Gallery is one of my favorite visits in Berlin. The Berlin Wall once served to divide populations, but it remains an essential place of memory to remember the mistakes of the past and, if possible, not to repeat them.

If you don’t yet know what the Berlin Wall looks like, don’t look online and be surprised. It is much bigger and more decorated than you can imagine!

If there was only one place to visit during your 3-day trip to Berlin, it would be this one.


Just a few minutes’ walk from the Berlin Wall is a completely surprising place.

Once through the door of Holzmarkt 25 you enter another world. Very relaxed atmosphere, particularly pleasant especially when the weather is nice. Ideal for sitting down and enjoying the sunset over the Spree while drinking a beer and having a snack with friends and at low prices!


About a 30-minute walk from Holzmarkt 23 is the Turkish market. It is open Tuesday and Friday from 12 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.: atmosphere guaranteed.

Sellers of vegetables, cheeses, special Turkish breads, clothing, fabrics by the meter, haberdashery, chicken meat, spices, at unbeatable prices. It is located along the canal where you can sit down to eat after shopping. Very kind.


Do you want to have a beer garden? a real ? It’s here: surrounded by a collaborative and organic garden, recycled pallets and chairs, a zen, friendly or lively atmosphere (depending), in short: a place to live!

Cheap beers. Pizza cooked on site (super good pasta) and made with vegetables from the garden! (yes, it’s vegetarian but it’s still good!) (ok, pizza’s a bit expensive; start with one for 2 to see if it’s not enough for a good aperitif…)


If you like video games, then this museum is a must for you.

There you can see documents from 60 years ago used in the creation of the very first video games. You learn a lot about the history and design of games, and you can even play ultra vintage games!


During this visit you can discover how the former no-man’s land created by the Berlin Wall is used today: alternative living spaces, beach bars, green urban planning, abandoned factory, street art. The visit is 25 euros per person.

Day 3 Visit Berlin: Parks & Shopping


Alexanderplatz Berlin

Impossible to travel to Berlin without at least passing through THE central square of the capital: Alexanderplatz . Most of Berlin’s attractions and landmarks revolve around this huge square, including the 368 meter high TV Tower, which can be seen from almost the entire city.

I strongly advise you to climb to the top of this tower to have a 360° view of the entire city. You are here in the tallest tower in all of Europe, so if you are afraid of heights, don’t!

It is also on Alexanderplatz that you can find the World Clock , a 3-dimensional installation in perpetual rotation which allows you to know the time anywhere in the world in real time.


Known and a little touristy, this small courtyard still resists the invader (real estate developers) and houses a bar, exhibitions, designer boutiques and unique cultural souvenirs, tagged walls, a “freak show” cabaret , in short… a concentrate of German creativity.


Shopping in Berlin

If you want to go shopping, head to the Weinmeisterstraße metro station . In the small alleys around you can find lots of small clothing and souvenir shops.


This abandoned airport is open to the public. This means that anyone can explore its immense halls and slopes in complete freedom.

In summer, many groups and families come here to enjoy the large green spaces. This is also what I like about Berlin, the possibility of visiting abandoned sites legally. Besides, I advise you to go to the Abandoned Berlin website , which focuses on this very specific aspect.


Mauerpark In berlin

A must see ! Especially on Sunday. You can find a large market there with various small shops (clothing, souvenirs, restaurants, street food, etc.)

Next to this market, which looks like a garage sale, there is a park where a lot of people come to relax, and even have wild BBQs! There is music everywhere, people playing, singing… in short, you have to go!

Bonus Day: party & extra activities


Berlin has everything to please artists and people looking for inspiration. Major events are constantly organized there, whether sporting, musical or cultural. It’s impossible to be bored here, at least that’s never happened to me! Every time I go out, I feel like I discover something new!

I meet new people from all over the world, I party, I go to exhibitions, I participate in events… Berlin life is hectic and never stops, not even at night!

Berghain Panorama Bar

In Berlin’s liveliest neighborhoods, you can party outdoors in the summer or gather in bars and clubs, like Berghain , in the winter. There is always something interesting to do or see, whether it’s singers in the parks, dancers in the subway, music groups in the street…

May 1st in Berlin Renate Boat
Wilde Renate Boat


Here are Bonus activities that you can do during your stay.

Markthalle Neun
Natural History Museum
Voku Berlin

Voku: In Berlin there is a concept called Voku. These are alternative places, formerly squatter (or which still are) which offer to eat as much as you want and pay what you want.

But if you want to get to the point, find the addresses of the Vokus which take place during the week.

Markthalle Neun Thursday evening only: beyond the very warm place (traditional hall in metal frame and briquettes), the atmosphere and the cosmopolitan cuisines give the place a very special tone.

From Asia to South America via Italy and Breton pancakes, you can of course find typical German dishes: pork shanks, beers, curry Wurtz… Not to be missed, especially on Thursday evenings .

The Natural History Museum: Ideal if the weather is bad, rainy, accompanied by children, or simply because you are interested in science explained in a fun way: take a trip to the Natural History Museum in Berlin.

As soon as you have paid, you are already plunged into the Mesozoic era (Triassic and Jurassic). How ? Simply because several real dinosaur skeletons are magnificently displayed under the main glass roof. A diplodocus, a tyrannosaurus rex, countless fossils of insects, small animals, birds… but the most impressive in my opinion is none other than the immense brachiosaurus (long neck) – a herbivore that disappeared 150 million years ago . It’s the largest dinosaur skeleton ever reconstructed, just for that, it’s worth the detour!


Olympiastadion (far from the city center): It was here, at the Olympiastadion , that the Berlin Olympic Games took place in 1936. If these games are so special and still resonate today, it is is because at the time, they promoted Nazi ideals, which the performances of American athlete Jesse Owens very quickly undermined.

The enormous stadium is still in operation today, mainly used for football and athletics. I’m not a big sports fan myself, but I really like this stadium for its historical significance.

The visit allows you to learn more about the history of the Olympic Games, and particularly the 1936 games. A site to absolutely add to your itinerary in Berlin!

Charlottenburg Castle

Charlottenburg Castle (far from the city center): If you like architecture, then this castle is likely to please you. This summer palace may be one of the most visited sites in Berlin, but it has managed to preserve its incomparable charm.

Designed as a summer residence for Prussian kings, the castle reveals a series of superb monuments and vast, perfectly maintained gardens. But you have to go inside to realize the beauty of the place. Some rooms are in fact open to the public. The visit costs money but is definitely worth it, especially if you like history and architecture.


Teufelsberg (far from the city center): Do you want to sprinkle your day with a little Urbex? I recommend the Teuflsberg. We walk around a decomposing old American base. For 20 years people have been painting all the surfaces of this place with graffiti, on the ground, on the walls and the posts.

We are in an unreal place, perfect for movie sets (in fact, many productions set up their cameras there). When I visited it with a friend in 2013, it was possible to enter for free. Today you have to pay 5 euros. It’s quite sad, but I imagine it’s to limit access to it or take care of it?

My advice for discovering Berlin


Berlin is such a huge city that there is a huge choice of places to stay. You will have to choose between a youth hostel, a hotel, an apartment… You have the choice!

The most important thing is to think carefully about your location. Indeed, the size of the city does not allow you to do everything on foot, and distances can be long from one site to another. I advise you to prepare your itinerary in advance and find suitable accommodation.

For my part, to make things easier for you, I have made a list of the best youth hostels in Berlin. I also included a few hotels that I find interesting for a short stay in the capital.

AirBnB : the prices of rooms and apartments are sometimes more economical on AirBnB. During my first visit to Berlin, I managed to negotiate the price of a room at 30 euros per night for a week ! I talk about this technique for negotiating on AirBnB here .

Le Cat’s Pajamas Hostel : A small, intimate youth hostel located in the Kreuzberg and Neukoellen districts.

St Christopher’s Hostel : The perfect place if you’re going to Berlin to party! In addition, it is located very close to Alexanderplatz.

MEININGER East Side Gallery : A clean and comfortable hostel located near the famous East Side Gallery.

Park Inn Radisson Alexanderplatz : A modern and cozy youth hostel located in the city center of Berlin, near Alexanderplatz.

Melia Berlin : This hotel may be a little expensive, but it is really well located in the city center of Berlin. A must for budgets that are not too tight.

Titanic Comfort Mitte : This small hotel is not very expensive and is located in the heart of Berlin, in the Mitte district!


It’s hard to say exactly how much you need to stay in Berlin, because it all depends on what you’ll be doing there. However, to allow you to make a budget as precise as possible, I have made a list of essential expenditure items, with their Berlin prices.

These prices are just an indication, they do not include your possible outings and excursions, your purchases, etc. All these things will be included in your “optional” budget.

Here is a small indication of the cost of living in Berlin:


Hostel: €16-30
Private room: €50-70
Hotel: € 40-100
AirBnB: €50-100
Monthly accommodation: €400-800

Food and drink

Breakfast: Free-€10
Meals: €5-20
Takeaway meals: €3-5
Beer: €2-5
Cigarettes: €4-7


Metro/Bus: €3.40
Day pass: €7
Bike rental: € 8-12
Taxi Airport/city center: €30-40
Uber works in Berlin


Entrance: €10-15
Pint of beer: €3-5
Cocktails: €5-8


Berlin is a bit like Paris and everywhere in Europe: the weather varies enormously from one season to another. So, unsurprisingly, the best time to go to Berlin is of course summer.

However, mid-season can also be interesting to take advantage of good weather, with a little fewer tourists as a bonus.

April, May, June and September are the best months to visit Berlin. The weather is pleasant, with quite a bit of sunshine, even if the temperatures are less hot than in July and August.

gorlitzer park

If you visit Berlin in summer, expect the capital’s sights to be crowded . It’s the holidays, and you won’t be the only ones to have had the idea of ​​going to discover Berlin.

This is why I recommend mid-season, with the months of April, May and September. The advantages are numerous: these months are sunny, there are much fewer people than in the middle of summer, and hotels and restaurants often charge low or mid-season prices.

On the other hand, in April and September, it can sometimes be cold and I advise you to bring something to cover you with. At this time, gloves, a jacket and a scarf will definitely be part of your luggage for Germany!

I love Berlin in December, the streets have a special atmosphere and the sun sets super early. There are lots of things to do, like Christmas markets, film clubs, pop-up bars. But unless you know locals, or have made a first trip here, I would not recommend this time of year for a first trip.


It’s quite simple, Berlin is THE main gateway to Germany. It is one of the most accessible cities in Europe, especially if you plan to come by plane. Most low-cost airlines like Ryanair serve the capital from Paris for only a few dozen euros. The flight lasts less than 2 hours… In short, it’s really the best.

Berlin also has two airports served by many (low-cost) companies. This means that at any time, you can buy a ticket or a carpool and go elsewhere.

Berlin benefits from a fairly central location in Europe. In less than four hours of door-to-door travel, I can join my family in Paris by plane for less than 60 euros. And if I need to go to the airport, any taxi gets me there in twenty minutes.

My conclusion

I love Berlin not only for its history, but also for its cultural dynamism and the atmosphere that the city exudes. It’s a special place, worth visiting at least once in your life.

If you plan to visit Berlin in 3 days , prepare your trip well in advance. 3 days goes by really quickly and it’s far from enough to discover all the treasures of the German capital. But if you do it right, you will be able to see the main thing!

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