The 18 Best Theme Parks in Orlando (2024)

Best Theme Parks in Orlando

Best Theme Parks in Orlando – Discover the best and main amusement parks in Orlando. The city has more than 30 theme parks with the most varied themes, but there are some unmissable ones to visit on your trip.

The 18 Best Theme Parks in Orlando

Disney Orlando’s Magic Kingdom Park

The most visited of all Disney and Orlando parks is the fantastic Magic Kingdom . It is where the symbol of Disney Orlando is located, the gigantic Cinderella Castle, as well as dozens of attractions for all ages.

The Magic Kingdom area is separated into 6 parts: Main Street USA, Adventureland, Frontierland, Liberty Square, Fantasyland and Tomorrowland. These regions are very different from each other, with their charm and attractions.

It is at Magic Kingdom that celebrations, parades and the famous fireworks display take place – attractions awaited by everyone who goes to Disney. It’s also where you meet Mickey and his gang, and you can take photos with the princesses.

Among Orlando’s parks, it is the favorite of most tourists and loved by children of all ages.

Disney Orlando’s Epcot Park

The Epcot park is also part of the Walt Disney World Resort complex in Orlando and was the second area open to the public, after the Magic Kingdom. As the name suggests (Experimental Prototype Community Of Tomorrow), Epcot is considered Disney’s park of the future, as several attractions feature a lot of technology.

It is one of the main parks in Orlando and Disney, suitable mainly for adults and older children. At the end of the day, it offers an incredible fireworks show on the central lake, called Luminous The Symphony of Us. Epcot is divided into four regions:

  • World Celebration, with attractions that represent the global community;
  • World Discovery, brings the best of science and technology;
  • World Nature, with toys about nature and the animal world;
  • World Showcase, with themed pavilions and attractions from 11 countries around the world. In this area, you can learn more about the culture of Mexico, Germany, Morocco, China and many other countries.

Disney Orlando’s Hollywood Studios Park

Another must-see park in Orlando is Hollywood Studios . It is part of the Walt Disney World Resort complex and has a cinematic theme, with several attractions that refer to Disney’s best-known films.

And you have the opportunity to take photos with famous characters such as Beauty and the Beast, Star Wars and toys from Toy Story.

At Disney’s Hollywood Studios, there are exclusive areas from the big hits Toy Story and Star Wars , which are very popular with visitors.

Furthermore, it has attractions for all ages, two of the main ones being The Twilight Zone: Tower of Terror, a scary elevator, and the Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith, a fast roller coaster in the dark.

Like the other parks in the Disney complex, Hollywood Studios has shops, restaurants, parades and presentations. The Fantasmic! It’s an unmissable fireworks show that takes place on the park’s lake.

This show features lots of music, colorful lights, projections and even characters from some of Disney’s favorite animated films.

Disney Orlando’s Animal Kingdom Park

The Animal Kingdom park refers to the world of animals. In addition to being one of the most famous parks in Orlando, it is the largest within the Walt Disney World Resort complex. The idea of ​​Animal Kingdom is quite interesting, as an entire structure was set up so that visitors can explore the animal world.

The symbol of Animal Kingdom is the great Tree of Life, which can be seen from almost every area of ​​the park. It has more than 300 animals carved into its trunk and branches. The place also offers several really cool attractions, aimed at people of all ages, such as safaris, toys, parades and real animals.

One of the most sensational attractions is Kilimanjaro Safaris, a safari held in a gigantic area reminiscent of African habitats. At Animal Kingdom, there is the sought-after area dedicated to the film Avatar – the biggest hit in cinema history; and the Festival of the Lion King, a beautiful show featuring characters from the film “The Lion King”.

Universal Studios Park in Orlando

Another incredible park that is on the list of the best to visit in the city is Universal Studios . It is considered the second best theme park in Orlando and one of the most visited in the world. Universal Studios is a theme park for several films and series, such as Transformers, Fast and Furious, Shrek, Minions and many others.

The highlight of this park is the Harry Potter area . The most famous wizard in the world has a space exclusive to him, called Diagon Alley. Universal Studios reproduces several scenes from famous films and has attractions for all ages.

And unlike Disney parks, they reach an older audience with a greater number of extreme attractions.

Universal Studios is divided into several parts: Hollywood, Illumination’s Minion Land, New York, Production Central, San Francisco, Springfield: Home of the Simpsons, The Wizarding World of Harry Potter – Diagon Alley, Woody Woodpecker’s KidZone and World Expo. They are all very nice to meet.

Islands of Adventure Park in Orlando

The Islands of Adventure park is also part of the Universal Orlando Resort complex and is full of cool and radical attractions. Currently, it is one of the most visited parks in Orlando due to the attractions focused on the world of Harry Potter, in the area called Hogsmeade.

It houses Hogwarts Castle and causes the park to have huge queues and great demand.

In addition to Harry Potter, the Islands of Adventure park in Orlando has roller coasters, an area dedicated to the film Jurassic Park and, of course, attractions for children. Among these is Me Ship, The Olive, a playground full of fun.

For those who are fans of the Marvel universe, it is well worth visiting the famous Incredible Hulk themed roller coaster, as well as the other nearby attractions. The two Universal parks cannot be left out of your itinerary, as they are super fun and pure adrenaline.

SeaWorld Orlando Park

SeaWorld Orlando is the largest marine attraction park in Florida and the world. It is spectacular and focuses on the interaction of visitors with marine animals, incredible shows and spectacles. In this water park, you will find animals such as dolphins, fish of all types and species, sea lions, seals and even sharks.

At SeaWorld, there are several attractions, shows and even roller coasters. Including an incredible, colorful and very fun area of ​​Sesame Street, Sesame Street Land . And in addition to the shows, where you can even get wet, the park has been reinventing itself and thinking in a more fair way with marine life.

Therefore, he is investing more and more in technological toys, where you can, for example, enjoy a super roller coaster while seeing the projected seabed. SeaWorld is part of the same group as Discovery Cove park, Aquatica park and Busch Gardens Tampa Bay park.

Busch Gardens Park in Tampa

Busch Gardens Tampa Bay is one of the most famous theme parks in the region and one of the largest in the United States. It is located in the city of Tampa, about 90 km from Orlando. It is mainly known for having the biggest roller coasters in the world.

For those who enjoy adrenaline, Busch Gardens is the right place to visit. Among the main roller coasters are SheiKra, Montu, Cheetah Hunt and Gwazi. There are other less extreme attractions, such as Congo River Rapids and Land Of Dragons.

And, in addition, spaces dedicated to the animal world with hundreds of animals from all over the world, such as Serengeti Safari.

You can still enjoy some shows and presentations. Among them, Animal Tales, which presents more than 200 species of animals and how to protect them, and Welcome To Our Street, with characters from Sesame Street, more aimed at children.

To improve your experience, Busch Gardens has a great infrastructure, with very good shops and restaurants.

Legoland Florida

Legoland Florida is also among the region’s top parks. Located more specifically in the city of Winter Haven, about 84 km from Orlando, this LEGO park is ideal for children up to 12 years old.

It features attractions made with more than 50 million colorful LEGO bricks, character shapes, cities, sculptures and much more.

The areas of the Legoland park are very colorful, lively and full of surprises. There are 11 parts aimed at children, but where adults can also have fun and enjoy. It’s really worth getting to know each one of them.

In The Beginning area, located right at the entrance, there is the largest LEGO store in the entire park, called The Big Shop. And along the tour, you will find interactive attractions, great restaurants and shops, as well as impeccable themed decoration.

NASA Kennedy Space Center in Orlando

The Kennedy Space Center is a large NASA space center that includes a fantastic area open to the public. It is located on Cape Canaveral Island, approximately 72 km from Orlando, and is an unmissable place to visit during your trip. The NASA Kennedy Space Center is the launch point for rockets, space shuttles and even satellites.

This NASA center receives many visitors daily, who want to have fun and learn more about the work of astronauts. It is like an amusement park and has a very interesting museum, interactive exhibitions and very lively attractions, all with a space theme.

At NASA Kennedy Space Center, you will see different simulators, learn from professionals, get to know flight machines and everything that goes behind them. There are many attractions, which will please both the youngest and the oldest on this incredible tour. It also has great restaurants and an interesting store.

ICON Park Orlando

ICON Park Orlando is an unmissable entertainment complex, formerly called I-Drive 360. It is located on the famous International Drive avenue and has free entry, with only its attractions being paid. The space is charming and pleasant for a walk.

At ICON Park Orlando, you will find a wide variety of attractions:

  • The Orlando Eye Ferris wheel (formerly called The Wheel);
  • Madame Tussauds wax museum;
  • Sea Life Aquarium;
  • Museum of Illusions;
  • Max Action Arena;
  • Carousel on the Promenade;
  • Orlando Slingshot;
  • 7-D Motion Theater;
  • Arcade Games In The Game;
  • The Pearl Express train.

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Gatorland in Orlando

Gatorland is the famous alligator and crocodile park in Orlando, which provides an unmissable experience mixing nature and fun. The place has several interesting attractions, aimed at the whole family. You can watch live shows where experts feed huge reptiles.

Additionally, there is an elevated walkway, which provides a panoramic view of the alligator and crocodile habitat. During the tour, you will see these animals jumping to grab food in mid-air and many other performances. Gatorland is also home to other animal species, nature trails and picnic areas.

Water parks in Orlando

Water parks are perfect places to have fun on a hot day in Orlando, with attractions ranging from pools with artificial waves to extreme slides. The city offers sensational water parks, so don’t miss them if your trip is during the North American summer. See below what they are:

Blizzard Beach Park in Orlando

The  Blizzard Beach park  is one of Disney’s two water parks and has a peculiar theme, reminiscent of the North Pole. The decor is beautiful, with snow-covered mountains, wooden chalets in the style of a ski resort and much more. Inside this park, you will find several places to swim, a wave pool, different water slides, currents, etc.

The infrastructure at Blizzard Beach is excellent, with bathrooms, shops, locker rentals and various restaurants. A great place to try different drinks during your tour is the Frozen Bar, a very attractive refreshment store. Blizzard Beach, one of the best water parks in Orlando, is ideal for having fun and cooling off during the day.

Typhoon Lagoon Park in Orlando

The Typhoon Lagoon park is another Disney water park that is among the best in the city. It is very popular with tourists who want to cool off and, above all, have a lot of fun during the hot season. This park has the largest wave pool in the country and many attractions, such as slides and even snorkeling and marine animals.

Just like everything else at Disney, the Typhoon Lagoon water park has incredible decor. He rebuilds a small village that was victimized by a huge storm, including a ship wrecked on the top of a mountain. Its infrastructure is complete, with bathrooms, locker rentals, restaurants and even a convenience store with themed souvenirs.

Volcano Bay Park in Orlando

The Volcano Bay park is part of the Universal complex and is themed like a paradisiacal island, with a huge fake volcano in the center. It is quite extensive and has several incredible attractions. There are also quieter toys and areas to rest, such as cabins, which makes it a must-see for visitors of different ages and profiles.

The attractions at Volcano Bay are unmissable and quite varied. There, you will find wave pools, extreme slides, roller coasters and much more. Don’t miss the Krakatau Aqua Coaster volcano, where you dive into a waterfall. And in addition to the attractions, the park also offers themed restaurants, shops and great services.

Aquatica Park in Orlando

The Aquatica park is part of the SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment group. It has several different attractions for those who want to cool off in Orlando. In this water park, you can find everything from water slides linked to marine animals to water races. This attracts many curious visitors who like to mix adrenaline with marine life.

Have fun in wave pools, rivers and more than 5,000 meters of beach, available to enjoy the sun and play a lot. Along the tour, you will find a very beautiful and diverse environment, with caves, waterfalls and lots of green area. Aquatica offers an incredible space to enjoy the day, with restaurants, shops and all the necessary infrastructure.

Discovery Cove Park in Orlando

The Discovery Cove park is well known for offering swimming with dolphins. There, you can also swim with other marine animals such as stingrays and fish in a large coral pool. It is more restricted than the other parks in Orlando, as it has a limited number of visitors and offers an exclusive experience, with an all-inclusive system.

Discovery Cove is a perfect place to spend a summer day in the city. It has several lagoons, paradisiacal settings and many spaces to relax and have fun. During your visit, you can enjoy special sunscreens, which do not affect the marine fauna, towels and diving equipment offered on site.

In addition to dolphins, sharks, rays and other marine animals, you will also see many species of birds up close. Enjoy different attractions and get in touch with nature.

Legoland Water Park

Right next to Legoland Florida is Legoland Water Park , an unmissable water park for families with children. It combines fun with lighter toys, for everyone to cool off and enjoy. Each of its attractions is aimed at a certain age, but in addition to little ones, adults also have a lot of fun.

Legoland Water Park offers many animated toys, such as water slides, swimming pools, among others, and some of them include Lego bricks for you to assemble. As for your meals, this water park has restaurants for all tastes. During your visit, also visit the Surf Shop, a store selling exclusive Lego brand clothing and bath accessories.

What is the best park to visit in Orlando?

The parks we mentioned are a must-see for any tourist who visits Orlando and is looking for fun. There is no best and worst, as they vary according to each person’s taste.

In our opinion, Magic Kingdom, Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure are the three best parks in Orlando and could not be left out of anyone’s itinerary, whether with children, adults or teenagers.

Other tips for Orlando amusement parks

  • Always use sunscreen, sunglasses and a cap, as the sun in Orlando is present practically every day. A water bottle is also a good ally, which you can always refill at the park fountains.
  • Research the complete attractions in each park in advance to make an itinerary of what to visit. Furthermore, the parks distribute their maps at your entrance, so take one and locate the attractions you want to see. We have incredible tips on our website for you to get to know each of these places.
  • It is also important to pay attention to park opening hours. They vary greatly between each other and between seasons. It’s always worth catching a park opening to enjoy the most attractive rides with little or no queue (you can save up to 2 hours by doing this!).
  • Create a visit plan, interspersing a day off every two days of fun in parks so you can rest. Leave that day for shopping or getting to know the city of Orlando.
  • Put everything you need in your backpack (slippers, extra clothes, sunscreen, water, shoes). There are lockers in all the parks and, as you can get wet in many attractions, you will have a clothing kit waiting for you.

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