12 Must Eat Food in Jeju Island, Local Jeju Food Guide

Must Eat Food in Jeju island

Must Eat Food in Jeju Island – Jeju is a paradise island in Korea with poetic beauty as well as many attractive dishes. If you are planning to visit Jeju, don’t worry about the question of what to eat in Jeju ! The article below from Vietnam Travel will reveal it all to you. Get ready to record!

Must Eat Food in Jeju Island

Black pork

No matter what you eat in Jeju , black pork is definitely indispensable. A dish that is the pride of the people here. Black pork is meat from a small, black-skinned, thick, bristled pig. This type of animal only exists on this island.

When preparing the dish, the meat is fragrant, low in fat, and not at all greasy, so diners can eat quite a lot. This is a suitable food for weight loss.

Buckwheat noodles

Buckwheat noodles have main ingredients that are buckwheat agricultural products. This type of food makes chewy and delicious noodles, so every time you come to this island, visitors will definitely have to go to restaurants to enjoy it.

Therefore, if you are traveling to Korea, there is definitely no need to have a headache thinking about what to eat in Jeju .

Abalone porridge

What to eat in Jeju? Please try the noble dish abalone porridge! This type of porridge is very nutritious, with high nutritional content so it is very suitable for nourishment. Coming to Jeju Island, you will easily see this dish at all restaurants.

Abalone is carefully selected, cooked with fragrant rice, plus some other vegetables. The dish is extremely harmonious in color, highly stimulating to taste and vision.

Octopus noodles

As the name suggests, octopus noodles have the main ingredient as large-sized octopus, served with clams, shrimp and other seafood. All create an unforgettable taste when eating. The noodles will have a mild to spicy flavor, depending on the customer’s choice, the chef will prepare them accordingly. This noodle dish is delicious to eat on cold weather days.

Shrimp kimbap

What to eat in Jeju? The answer is shrimp kimbap. Shrimp kimbap uses the main ingredient which is ttak shrimp found only in this Jeju island region. Shrimp ttak has a very unique flavor, not mixed with other types of shrimp, so you will feel the taste clearly.


Sashimi is a dish you must try when you come to Jeju. The sashimi here is delicious, fresh, and absolutely hygienic, which cannot be found anywhere else. What to eat in Jeju? You can choose octopus Sashimi, abalone or simply any type of fish. When eating, you will dip it with a variety of delicious dipping sauces specifically for seafood.

Seafood soup

Seafood soup is also a nutritious dish when combining many different types of seafood and vegetables. And the main ingredient that creates the flavor of the dish is obunjagi snails. Snails have a very sweet, delicious taste and are soft and chewy, creating an attractive soup.

Crab curry

Crab curry is famous in Jeju, so you won’t need to ask what to eat in Jeju. This dish is considered quite easy to eat, not at all dark but has a mild aroma. The crab ingredient in the curry is Hwangge crab meat, a firm crab with fresh, abundant and sweet meat. When eating, you should eat it with rice so you don’t get bored quickly!

Rainbow Hamburger

What is the most beautiful thing to eat in Jeju? The answer is called Rainbow Hamburger. As the name suggests, the hamburger crust has a very beautiful and unique rainbow color. The taste of the cake is also very delicious so it is popular with diners. The filling has ingredients including black pork, vegetables and a unique sauce.

Orange fried chicken

Orange-flavored fried chicken is a special dish on Jeju Island as this place is famous for its fresh orange gardens. Jeju people used orange peel to make this fragrant chicken dish. When you eat, you will feel the aroma of orange peel, mixed with the sweetness of chicken and special sauce. All will bring unforgettable flavors.

Octopus pasta

Pasta was modified by Jeju people to suit the taste of the coastal people here. Octopus pasta with spicy chili and garlic sauce is very delicious. This dish contains up to 140 calories so it is suitable to eat for breakfast or lunch. This is also a nutritious dish for family members.

Jeju tangerines

The last dish on the list is Jeju tangerines. This fruit is extremely famous and loved by many international tourists to the extent that they buy it as a gift. Tangerines are bright yellow in color and large in size. When you eat, you will feel the sweet, cool taste of this fruit.

Besides eating normally, you can also squeeze juice, make candies… very delicious.

Thus, the above article of Vietnam Travel has suggested to you extremely delicious and attractive dishes of Jeju, Korea. With our sharing, you will no longer have to worry about what to eat in Jeju and can have an interesting culinary experience. Book your Jeju Korea tour now to enjoy these wonderful dishes!

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