Hanoi Pho VS Pho Saigon – Which Dish is Better?

Hanoi Pho VS Pho Saigon - Which Dish is Better?

Hanoi Pho VS Pho Saigon – Which Dish is Better? Have you ever tried Pho? In general, if the broth is sweeter, it’s tastier. Then perhaps you are eating Southern pho.  What is the difference between Hanoi pho and Pho Saigon? And where do they come from? 

In today’s article, you will learn about the characteristics of two pho dishes in terms of their taste, shape and ingredients.

I. Hanoi Pho vs Pho Saigon: Taste

Broth is the quintessence of pho, and broth between the South and the North in terms of ingredients and preparation also changes.

As for pho Saigon, its broth will be sweet, often seasoned with sugar as the main spice; However, some restaurants have a way to create broth using chicken bones and dried squid; Therefore, the pho broth in Saigon seems a bit cloudy, but has a significantly richer and richer taste that suits the taste of Southerners.

Taste of Saigon Pho

The taste of Saigon Pho

The taste of Pho in Hanoi is different, the cook always prepares the broth for Pho from bones along with spices such as anise, cinnamon, ginger and especially sar xung (a mollusk that often lives in mud and swamps). ) helps the broth have a natural sweetness.

In addition, the broth is also skimmed regularly while cooking, keeping the pot of water always crystal clear while still having great flavor.

Taste of Hanoi Pho 

Taste of Hanoi Pho 

II. Pho Hanoi vs Pho Saigon: Form

Besides the broth, their difference also lies in the pho fibers. If in Saigon , pho noodles are often big and thick, a bowl of Pho always looks full. It feels like restaurants often add pho to your meal.

Forms of Hanoi Pho and Pho saigon

In Hanoi, pho noodles are flat, thinner and look more sophisticated. They are mainly handmade and meticulously boiled in hot water to create an eye-catching shape when enjoying a bowl of pho. Therefore, in my opinion, Hanoi pho looks more attractive in appearance than Pho saigon because pho is served in a more delicate way.

This shows a cultural diversity between the South and the North. In Hanoi, you will feel like cooking pho is like an art that has been passed down through generations, so it needs to be appreciated and cooked in the best way.

In Saigon, it’s different, a bowl of pho here will be more about serving the people here “the more you eat, the better”.

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III. Hanoi Pho vs Pho saigon: Ingredients

Because Hanoi Pho always keeps its own traditional features. Therefore, you will not have many topping choices, mainly beef pho, chicken pho, kidney hearts and green onions, maybe combined with a few quiche. 

Different from that, with Pho Saigon , you can always choose your favorite topping to eat with Pho: in addition to rare beef pho, there are also beef balls, flank steak, brisket. (dandruff), tendon (tendon), chicken, and a few they can add coastal foods such as fish, squid,…

Ingredients in a bowl of Hanoi Pho vs Pho saigon

And one more thing you should pay attention to to know if you are eating Pho saigon or Hanoi pho: the sauce. It can be seen that when enjoying Hanoi Pho, you simply squeeze a piece of lemon and a little chili sauce or satay then enjoy. 

But eating a bowl of pho in Saigon you will see a clear difference when there are quite a few things you can put in your bowl of pho: cold sauce, soy sauce, fish sauce and black sauce (I bet you cannot find these sauces in Hanoi).

So for you, Hanoi Pho or Pho saigon is the best?

Personally, I like both Hanoi pho and Pho saigon, because each type has its own unique stories and distinct flavors.

Which is more delicious? Perhaps it depends on each person’s feelings! Let me know which pho dish you like the most!!

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