13 Best Hotels In Khao Lak Thailand (2024)

Hotels In Khao Lak Thailand

Best Hotels In Khao Lak Thailand – We love the value for money holiday in Khao Lak. Hotels in Khao Lak are not as expensive as in Phuket, but the quality is high.

In Khao Lak there are many luxury 5-star hotels on the first line with their own beach, inexpensive four-star hotels 10 minutes from the sea, as well as villas for rent. The quality of the resorts is not inferior to those in Phuket, but the price of the vacation will be several times cheaper.

Even during the peak tourist season, you won’t have to worry about finding a place to stay. In the low season, you can happily stay in cozy hotels with a swimming pool and within walking distance from the sea for around 1000 baht per day ($30) with breakfast.

From our experience, we recommend several hotels where we ourselves have stayed this year or in the past. We recommend booking hotels in Khao Lak in advance while prices remain reasonable, as the number of tourists is expected to increase next season.

13 Best Hotels In Khao Lak Thailand that we visited ourselves

The Sands Khao Lak by Katathani

The Sands Khao Lak by Katathani

The Sands Khao Lak by Katathani  is a hotel with a water park for families with children in Khao Lak. We have never come across a hotel that would be as ideal for all categories of holidaymakers as The Sands Khao Lak by Katathani. This hotel is ideal for both adults and families with children. It is located on the first line with its own beach, offers several swimming pools and a mini-water park for children.

The Waters Khao Lak 

The Waters Khao Lak  is a hotel in Khao Lak that has many pools, is close to the beach and is in a good area. The Waters Hotel is located just a few minutes’ walk from Bang Niang Beach, in a convenient area with developed infrastructure, where there are cafes, restaurants and shops.

La Vela Khao Lak

La Vela Khao Lak

La Vela Khao Lak is one of the best hotels in Khao Lak on the first line with its own beach. The resort has several swimming pools, restaurants, children’s entertainment, a beach club and extensive green areas for relaxation.

Eden Beach Khao Lak Resort and Spa

Eden Beach Khao Lak Resort and Spa  – a paradise hotel in Khao Lak Eden Beach Resort lives up to its name, as if entering a fairy garden. Despite the fact that we visited many hotels, we have never seen such an amazing variety of greenery, flowers and trees as here. The hotel has many swimming pools and its own beach.

Pullman Khao Lak Resort

Pullman Khao Lak Resort

Pullman Khao Lak Resort  is a 5 star luxury hotel located right on the beach in Khao Lak. Here you will find a large green area, many swimming pools, a children’s center, a fitness room and a spa. This resort is ideal for those looking for a relaxing holiday by the sea. We have come to this hotel several times. And here are the most beautiful sunsets!

Le Menara Khao Lak

Le Menara Khao Lak 5*  – Hotel on the first line in Khao Lak with the largest pool overlooking the sea. This five-star resort is located in a picturesque and secluded area of ​​northern Khao Lak (Takua Pa). The hotel is located away from the noisy center, making it an ideal place for those who value privacy and a relaxing holiday.

Khaolak Orchid Beach Resort

Khaolak Orchid Beach Resort  – Hotel on the first line in the beautiful area of ​​Khuk Klak beach, surrounded by tall palm trees and well-groomed green areas. Each room has a magnificent sea view from its balcony.

The Leaf on The Sands by Katathani Resort

The Leaf on The Sands by Katathani Resort

The Leaf on The Sands by Katathani Resort  – This is not the first time we have stayed at the Katathani hotel chain. Located in the heart of Khao Lak, this hotel is within walking distance of cafes, shops and close to the sea. The hotel has a swimming pool, breakfast is provided, and prices are reasonable in low season.

The Hotspring Beach Resort

The Hotspring Beach Resort  is a hot spring hotel between Phuket and Khao Lak. The main attraction of the Hot Spring Hotel, as the name suggests, is the natural radon hot springs. The hotel has three swimming pools with different temperatures, around 40 degrees – just perfect for a relaxing swim, like in a hot bath!

Holidays in a villa in Khao Lak

Pool Villa in Khao Lak at Pullman Hotel

Pool Villa in Khao Lak at Pullman Hotel  – villas with private pool located within the Pullman Khao Lak Resort. Guests have access to all the benefits of this resort – breakfast, spa, restaurant, children’s center, gym and all hotel pools. Pullman hotels are characterized by a high level of quality.

Casa De La Flora

Casa De La Flora  – villas with private pool in Khao Lak. Exclusive resort with villas in Khao Lak on the first line. Luxurious conditions like in a 5 star hotel, but at the same time staying in a villa with a private pool and a large bathroom. By the way, the hotel has recently undergone renovations. I’ll have to visit there a second time to update the photos and videos in the article.

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Cheap Hotels in Khao Lak

The Chu’s Boutique Hotel

The Chu’s Boutique Hotel  – We found a great budget hotel option in Khao Lak with modern and clean rooms and even a pool. The location of the hotel is good, within walking distance of the sea and the street with cafes and shops.

Homely Home Khao Lak 

Homely Home Khao Lak 

Homely Home Khao Lak  – An unassuming building hides affordable rooms, and inside you’ll find a pleasant surprise. We rented a cozy boho-style room for only 800 baht ($22). The guesthouse is conveniently located in the center of Khao Lak, opposite McDonald’s and 7/11. It’s very convenient and the beach is just a 10 minute walk across the road.

Reviews of Hotels in Khao Lak

Our website has reviews of each of the hotels that we recommend. We have already visited some of them twice. I hope our reviews and recommendations for hotels in Khao Lak will help other tourists make the right choice.

We will be grateful for your feedback in the comments about the hotels in Khao Lak where you stayed. This will also be useful for other travelers.

Well, if possible, we will continue to expand our collection of the best hotels to stay in Khao Lak.

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