Easy Pistachio Panettone Recipe

Easy Pistachio Panettone Recipe

Easy Pistachio Panettone Recipe – The easy pistachio panettone will be perfect to serve during the Christmas holidays. It has a single dough and conquers with its softness and extraordinary taste. Let’s find out together how to prepare it

Pistachio Panettone Recipe

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Easy panettone with a single dough is ideal to prepare during the Christmas period, of which panettone is certainly one of the symbols. The easy pistachio panettone is a truly incredible variant.

It’s just as easy because it’s always made with just one dough but it’s made even more irresistible by the pistachio cream filling and the delicious icing.

By bringing it to the table you will surely win over everyone. Let’s see together how to prepare it, even with the Thermomix .


  • 85 g of Manitoba flour
  • 85 ml of warm water
  • 12 g of fresh brewer’s yeast
  • 1 teaspoon of sugar

Ingredients for a 22cm mould

  • leaven
  • 220 g of Manitoba flour
  • 180 g of 0 flour
  • 5 g of salt
  • 4 egg yolks
  • 160 ml of water
  • 110 g of sugar
  • 120 g of butter
  • 4 teaspoons of orange paste

Ingredients for the filling

  • 400 g of pistachio cream

Ingredients for the icing

  • 250 g of white chocolate
  • 2 tablespoons of pistachio cream
  • to taste chopped pistachios

How to make easy pistachio panettone

1.The first thing to do to prepare easy pistachio panettone is to start by making the yeast. Add the water at room temperature or slightly warmed to a bowl and dissolve the fresh brewer’s yeast in it.

2.Once the yeast has dissolved, add the granulated sugar and mix with a hand whisk.

3.It’s time to add the flour, little by little, continuing to mix so as to incorporate it completely.

4.At this point you can cover with cling film and then leave to rise in the oven with the light turned off but with the light on for an hour.

preparation pistachio panettone of the yeast

5.When the yeast is ready, move to the planetary mixer and add the two flours, the granulated sugar, the water and the egg yolks at room temperature and turn on the planetary mixer.

6.Work for 10 minutes until the dough begins to string and twist around the hook.

7.At that point you can stop the planetary mixer and add the yeast, now perfectly doubled. Turn the mixer on again and work for another 5 minutes at least or until the dough has absorbed the new ingredient.

8.You can now also add the orange paste and continue to work for another 5 minutes, always at the lowest speed.

dough preparation pistachio panettone

9.It’s time to add the butter, which must be at room temperature and which will be added one cube at a time, continuing to work at the minimum speed. This way the dough will become elastic .

10.Then move the dough onto the previously buttered work surface and proceed to make the folds.

11.You will have to make as many folds as possible, about 10-15 folds so as to obtain a well-bubbled and light dough. Finish by kneading the dough.

12.Place the dough inside a previously buttered container. Cover with a lid and leave to rise overnight at room temperature . Leavening should last approximately 10-12 hours.

folds and first leavening pistachio panettone

13.Once the leavening is complete, dust the surface with a little flour and turn the container upside down. Give the dough time to detach from the walls gently.

14. – 15.Now proceed to make another 4-5 folds and finish by pinching the dough so as to give it a spherical shape.

16.Place the dough inside a 1 kg mold and then cover with transparent film. Leave to rise in the oven with the light turned off but with the light on for another 3 hours or until the dough reaches the edge of the mold.

17.Once the second leavening has finished, when the dough reaches the edge of the mold, remove the film and make a cross cut on the surface.

18.Add some cubes of butter to the cut you have just made and place in a preheated static oven at 180°C for 50 minutes . If the panettone darkens quickly on the surface, cover with aluminum foil and continue cooking. Before taking it out of the oven, always test toothpicks in several places to be sure that cooking is perfectly finished.

19. – 20.Last time, once cooking is complete, remove from the oven and place in the oven immediately with the skewers on and turn upside down. You will need to let the panettone cool completely upside down before proceeding.

Cooking pistachio panettone

21.When the panettone is very cold you can remove the skewers and then make holes . Insert the skewer and make a rotating movement so as to make a groove large enough to accommodate the cream.

22.Now take the pistachio cream and heat it slightly so as to thin it a little.

23.Place the cream inside a piping bag with a long tip which will help you proceed with the filling.

24.Insert the tip inside the holes and apply pressure so that the cream flows down. Do the same thing with all the holes.

 panettone filling

25.It’s time to proceed with making the icing. Melt the white chocolate in a bain-marie or in the microwave and add the pistachio cream. Stir so as to combine well.

26. – 27.Pour the icing onto the panettone and use a brush to spread it evenly over the entire surface. Don’t worry if there are any imperfections because they will be covered by the grain.

28.Pour the chopped pistachios all over the icing to decorate your panettone well. All you have to do is let the icing dry completely.

pistachio icing

Easy Bimby pistachio panettone

If you have a Thermomix you can easily prepare this panettone. You will first have to add all the yeast ingredients into the bowl and turn on the Bimby at 37°C for 2 minutes on speed 2 .

Let it rise in the bowl and then add the flours, water, sugar and egg yolks and turn on the Bimby with the Spiga function for 5 minutes.

Now add the orange paste and the butter, little by little, continuing to work with the Spiga Function. When the dough is very elastic you can leave it to rise.

Bimby pistachio panettone

It is important to always work the dough at speed 1 of the planetary mixer. The dough, in fact, must become elastic slowly and must not heat up or be worked at high speed.

If the dough is too soft, put it in the fridge for 10-15 minutes and then start working again in the planetary mixer.

Do not pour the icing all at once to avoid it dripping onto the edges of the panettone and dirtying the mould.

The easy pistachio panettone can be kept for up to a week closed in a food bag.

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