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things to do in reims attractions

An ancient city under Roman domination, Reims is located in the northwest of France and is part of the Champagne-Ardenne region . The birthplace of numerous champagne houses and vineyards, visiting Reims means visiting a city with a strong history and culture !

Indeed, foodies, oenologists, history buffs or simply nature lovers will be delighted to visit Reims, a city with a thousand facets.

Do you want to visit Reims, the coronation city of the kings of France for a weekend or for a 100% French vacation? Here is my written guided tour of Reims and my top 12 must-sees in Reims to make your stay a success from A to Z!

Practical information to organize your trip to visit Reims

Before leaving to visit Reims, it is important to check the seasons in order to have good weather but also to ensure that you get there in an organized manner and at the fairest price. So here we go for practical information to best organize your visit to Reims.

Weather Reims

The most pleasant months to visit Reims are the months from May to September , the sunniest months. For those looking for warmth, I advise you to go there from July to August to enjoy temperatures averaging 20-25 degrees.

The coldest months, on the other hand, are January, February and March , with average temperatures of 5 degrees.

How to get to Reims from Paris

To get to Reims from Paris, there are many solutions available to you: the plane, the train but also the bus. Simple, fast and affordable means of transport. Here is a short summary of all this information .

  • Plane: To visit Reims from Paris by plane, you will only be about thirty minutes from Roissy Charles de Gaulle airport. Flight prices and availability are available for consultation on the Roissy website in order to better understand the budget to allocate to tickets. See here .
  • Train: Getting to Reims for a weekend or more, departing from Paris via train is a quick solution. In fact, you will be there in the blink of an eye with only 45 minutes of travel time and will arrive at Reims-Centre station in the heart of the city. Prices vary depending on the period with an average budget per person of €35-40 .
  • Bus  : Bus companies also allow you to get to Reims in 2h-2h30 for an average price of €10-15 per person , a price which can fluctuate depending on demand.
  • Car rental : You can also rent a car once you arrive there via Rentalcars or Ouicar !

Transportation in Reims

Reims transport is developed and allows you to move around the city easily and quickly for a successful weekend.

You will benefit from a tram which serves the main districts and important corners of the city , a regular bus network which serves the Rémoise towns, as well as a TAD network (Transport on Demand) which you can reserve for go to neighboring towns.

In short, intramural transport that will allow you to make the most of your stay. I even advise you to order your Reims City Pass in order to optimize your trip.

What to do in Reims: my top 12 must-sees

Let’s get to the heart of the matter with what to visit in Reims. I’m showing you my top 12 must-sees in Rémois for a stay that’s as complete as it is unusual!

Visit Reims with the Palais du Tau

Palace of Tau reims

Close to Notre-Dame de Reims Cathedral, the Tau Palace, in the shape of a T , was a residence of certain Reims archbishops. Also known for having been a royal residence of the kings of France after their sacrament, it today serves as a historical museum in homage to them .

Notre-Dame Cathedral in Reims

Notre-Dame Cathedral in Reims

Were you thinking of visiting Reims without seeing its famous cathedral? Don’t think about it! Cathedral of almost all the coronations of the kings of France, it was built between the 13th and 14th centuries .

Its towers damaged during the First World War, renovated today, gave it the nickname “  martyr cathedral  ”.

A true masterpiece of Gothic art , Notre-Dame de Reims Cathedral houses contemporary works and offers you an impressive framework, architecture, stained glass windows and roofing.

And if you like cathedrals, I recommend my article on Strasbourg , which also has a magnificent cathedral!

Pierre Schneiter Park

The Pierre Schneiter Park is a horticultural garden . Indeed, this plant paradise in the center of the city offers you the opportunity to discover many species, sometimes very rare .

Created in the 19th century , it owes its name to a city politician and arouses curiosity with its many varieties of plants as well as its famous waterfall . You will also discover different gardens designed to delight young and old alike.

The Fossier and Moët House

Do you like champagne and gastronomy? That’s good ! La Maison Fossier and Moët & Chandon , prestigious houses of local gastronomy and champagne, offer tours.

A true gourmet journey between bubbles and sweets, enjoy a 7-hour visit, in the heart of the Champagne vineyards, to discover, learn and taste these exceptional products.

The Champagne Park

Located in the heart of nature, the Parc de Champagne covers more than twenty hectares offering sports courses (tree climbing, basketball, playgrounds, etc.).

Formerly called Parc Pommery , it is home to numerous cultural events (music, sport and nature) and is today the family and romantic landmark for unforgettable moments surrounded by nature.

The Saint-Remi Museum

The Saint-Remi Museum

Housed in the former abbey of Saint-Rémi, the Saint-Rémi Museum takes you to discover the history of Reims through historical models and numerous reconstructions .

Indeed, with its artistic and archaeological collections, this museum is included on the UNESCO world heritage list.

The Saint-Remi Basilica of Reims

The Saint-Remi Basilica of Reims

Recognized as a historic monument since 1840, the Saint-Rémi basilica is a Christian basilica . With a strong history, this religious building is an emblem of Reims in the Romano-Gothic style. Discover, inside, the tomb of Bishop Clovis , to whom it owes its name as well as a sublime organ.

The Basilica of Sainte-Clotilde in Reims

Built between 1898 and 1901, this Byzantine basilica has a cross shape. With its large dome, its more than 2000 of the most important religious relics in France as well as its history, the Sainte Clotilde basilica is a Reims jewel not to be missed when you come to visit Reims.

The Carnegie Library

The Carnegie Library

In Art Deco style, the Carnegie Library was opened in 1928 and houses more than 400,000 archival documents dedicated to heritage . A true place of study and research, this library is legendary and worth the detour.

The Reims Planetarium

Here is the unusual activity of Reims. Indeed, the second planetarium to open in France in 1979 , that of Reims opens your mind to the stars and takes you on a journey into our intriguing and exciting solar system.

The Foujita Chapel

This chapel, also called Notre-Dame-de-la-Paix chapel, was built and decorated by the artist Léonard Foujita . This Franco-Japanese of fantastic current therefore gave birth to a chapel in the Japanese style with numerous references to the Renaissance period.

Go discover this poetic universe without hesitation.

Museums to visit in Reims

  • Saint-Rémi Museum: Discover a museum bringing together the most majestic artistic and archaeological collections, all in the heart of an ancient Rémoise abbey.
  • Reims Champagne Automobile Museum: Created in 1985, this museum is one of the top 5 museums dedicated to automobiles in France. Indeed, with a very large collection of more than 230 vehicles, it is a real collector’s museum!
  • Musée Hôtel Le Vergeur: A 16th century building typical of the Rémoise region, the Muée Hôtel Le Vergeur takes you into the historical intimacy of the city. A beautiful mansion with Renaissance-style architecture, which is full of period objects and collections!

Reims City Pass

Solo visit, group visit to Reims or guided tour, for a weekend or vacation, I advise you to get the Reims Pass City for a 100% smooth and successful stay.

Available from 19€ , it is available for 24 hours, 48 ​​hours or 72 hours and allows you unlimited access to all Rémois public transport , to numerous free guided tours , to several reductions in champagne houses but also to free visits to Rémois museums .

In short, a very useful and advantageous travel, visit and shopping pack so why deprive yourself of it!

Guided tour Reims

My favorite guided tours of Reims are as follows:

  • Visiting the city of Reims by Segway: Unusual activity, I loved visiting Reims aboard my Segway. From €35 per person , you will stroll through the historic heart of the city for more than an hour, accompanied by an expert guide.

On the program for this visit: Segway driving training, stroll along the most beautiful monuments of Reims and visit to the city’s typical neighborhoods.

  • Electric bike and champagne: tasting and lunch in the champagne region  : How about a whole day (9 hours) of electric bike riding to discover the capital of champagne? Don’t hesitate any longer and book quickly from €170 per person for this guided tour of the champagne aisles. Between visits to Epernay and the village of Hautvilliers, discoveries of family cellars and champagne tasting, this guided tour is the must for a successful stay.

On the program for this visit: tasting of 8 different champagnes but also local lunch in a typical Champagne house. In short, you will taste the pleasures of Champagne without moderation.

Conclusion for visiting Reims

The city of coronations, city of the kings of France, has many things to offer you, as you can see in this article on what to visit in Reims .

Indeed, between French history, gastronomic heritage, great champagne houses, Romanesque and Gothic architecture and nature galore, Reims is the destination that should not be missed this year!

Make it your grand vintage of French destinations.

FAQ visiting Reims

Which champagne house to visit in Reims?

The champagne houses to visit in Reims are numerous and each one as prestigious as the next. You will have the choice between houses of history and taste. Here are some of them: the Champagne Charles de Cazanove house, the Mumm house, the Taittinger house, the Canard-Duchêne house without forgetting the Moët et Chandon house.

Which cellar to visit in Reims?

The most famous estates housing the great cellars of France in the Reims region are the Vranken Pommery estate, the Taittinger estate, the Maison Mumm, the Maison Ruinart estate and also the Maison Lanson. In other words, enough to taste the greatest wines of France.

Where to take beautiful photos in Reims?

There are many sublime places to take beautiful photos in Reims. Indeed, you can Instagram your most beautiful photos or simply print your most beautiful Polaroids by going to the Reims Opera, the Château de Sacy, the Moulin de Vernezay, the Fau de Verzy, the media library of the Cathedral of Reims or even admiring the colors of the Lac du Der sunset.

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