13 Best Things to do in Seoul Attractions 2024

Best Things to do in Seoul Attractions

Things to do in Seoul AttractionsThere are countless tourist destinations in Seoul , but which place is the most attractive? Korea is receiving attention, love and is an ideal destination from many tourists. Seoul possesses a variety of beautiful attractions and magnificent natural scenery, captivating the hearts of many tourists. And are you planning to travel to Seoul? So don’t miss the famous landscapes, explore the cultural characteristics, as well as the life of this place!

Tourist Things to do in Seoul Attractions

If you have the opportunity to visit the land of KimChi, do not miss the famous Seoul tourist destinations around the world in your travel itinerary!

Seokchon Lake – A destination that attracts all tourists

A destination most loved by tourists. Because this is where the Cherry Blossom Festival takes place every year. In the spring, Seokchon Lake is filled with extremely beautiful and poetic flowers with hundreds of cherry blossoms blooming. The location is also extremely easy to find right next to Lotte World park.

 Seokchon Lake in Korea

Destination Deoksugung Doldam

A new experience opportunity for tourists to walk and explore every street of the capital Seoul. Come here in the fall to see the incredibly beautiful and romantic scenery. Because at this time the leaves change color to reddish yellow. Take a walk and watch the yellow leaves fall on the path created by the surrounding stone wall. That feeling is relaxing, peaceful and poetic, making many hearts flutter. 

Gyeongbokgung Palace – Brings the beauty of ancient Korean culture

The palace is also known as Canh Phuc palace. In 1395 it was built. Despite many years of historical events, this place still retains its simple, ancient beauty, with unique architectural design. In the palace, you will admire the beautiful Royal Garden that fascinates visitors. 

Yeouido Park – Place of the famous Cherry Blossom Festival

Come to the park that is known as the venue for the largest Cherry Blossom festival in Seoul. Visitors will feel like a princess or prince walking on a path filled with colorful flowers, with rains of Cherry blossoms falling. That feeling is sure to be hard for you to fade away. Besides, during the festival, tourists can also experience camping and flower viewing activities. 

Insadong – Seoul’s old street

Insadong is a Seoul tourist destination, known as the oldest street with the longest surviving construction history in Seoul. Coming to this place, you will learn and admire countless traditional Korean cultural beauties. The street is filled with antiques, pictures, hanok, and souvenirs for sale. 

Namsan Seoul Tower – Famous Seoul tourist destination

Namsan Tower is so famous that no tourist doesn’t want to visit. Because this place possesses a unique cultural space with art performances, movie screenings, etc. In particular, the road to the Tower also proves that countless couples come and hang love keychains.

Hanok Bukchon – A beautiful check-in spot that captivates the photographer

At Hanok Bukchon, the houses to this day are still preserved intact with ancient architectural features. Many tourists come here to explore and admire the beauty and characteristics of Hanok. Especially if you want to find a place to take photos, this is the perfect destination for sparkling beautiful pictures. 

Changdeokgung – The magnificent palace of Kim Chi

If you love Korean movies, then you will probably see Changdeokgung appear in movies. Known as the most majestic and magnificent palace in Korea. Because this place is designed with beautiful architecture and a back garden  with a magical fairyland scene. In the past, Changdeokgung was the resting place of the Royal Family. If you come here in the fall, you will be captivated by the extremely romantic scene of falling yellow leaves. 

Hongdae area – Seoul tourist destination attractive to young people

This place is extremely interesting, especially when night falls. All activities become exciting, attracting a large number of tourists, especially young people. The street is home to many famous fashion brand stores, bustling flea markets,…

Nami Island – You should definitely come to explore

When coming to Seoul, you should not miss Nami Island. One of the most beautiful and famous islands in the land of Cherry Blossoms. This place also appears many times in scenes of famous movies. With rich natural scenery, giving you beautiful pictures.

Banpo Bridge is an interesting destination in Seoul

The famous fountain bridge in the center of Seoul spans the Han River with a length of 1140 meters. It is known as the longest fountain bridge in the world. Coming to the bridge, visitors will admire the beautiful sparkling water spray with diverse colors from LED lights.

Banpo Bridge
Banpo Bridge

Seoraksan Mountain – Attracts many tourists

Admire and admire the magnificent natural scenery of the National Park with your own eyes. The natural scenery is extremely poetic with the change of blooming flowers. The green of the mountains and forests, the red of the sky from Tanphung leaves,…

The romantic Han River

Han River is an ideal destination for visitors to enjoy a panoramic view of the river at night. Extremely beautiful and magical. On both sides of the river are parks and walking paths. Guests will have wonderful check-in photos.

Above are the top attractive tourist destinations in Seoul , famous for the unique cultural beauty of Korea. Please save the most meaningful and impressive trip to Korea! Book a Korea tour now to enjoy this wonderful atmosphere.

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