The Ultimate Guide to Thi Lo Su Waterfall: Thailand’s Largest Waterfall

Thi Lo Su Waterfall: Thailand's Largest Waterfall

The Ultimate Guide to Thi Lo Su Waterfall: Thailand’s Largest WaterfallThailand is a country rich in ancient culture and beautiful nature. This country is famous for its beautiful beaches, bustling cities, sacred temples and many beautiful waterfalls. Among those wonderful waterfalls, Thi Lo Su waterfall is one of the great destinations for those who love to explore pristine natural beauty.

Some introduction about Thi Lo Su waterfall in Thailand

Located in Tak province, northwest of Thailand, Thi Lo Su Waterfall is one of the largest waterfalls in Southeast Asia and also one of the famous destinations in the green mountainous region of this country. With a height of about 250 meters and a width of nearly 450 meters, Thi Lo Su waterfall is so majestic and beautiful that people cannot take their eyes off it.

In particular, this waterfall is famous for its wild beauty, completely unaffected by industry or urban development. The landscape around the waterfall is covered with lush tropical forests, creating a wild and close-to-nature scene. This is the ideal place for visitors to relax, escape the noise and hustle of daily life.

When arriving at Thi Lo Su waterfall , visitors will be overwhelmed by the majestic scene of white water pouring down from the top of the waterfall. With a large amount of water and impressive power, the streams of water flow like an endless silver wire, creating intense sounds and a fine water mist in the air.

Thi Lo Su Waterfall is not only an attractive destination for those who love natural landscapes but also a paradise for those who love to explore. The area around the falls has rich tropical forests, home to many rare species of animals and plants. Visitors can participate in mountain climbing trips, forest walks or visit indigenous villages to learn about the unique local culture and customs.

Means of transportation to Thi Lo Su waterfall, Thailand


This is a popular means of transportation to get to Thi Lo Su Waterfall . Visitors can drive personally or rent cars from neighboring cities such as Bangkok or Chiang Mai. The waterfall is located about 350 km from Tak and takes about 6-7 hours drive from Bangkok and about 450 km from Chiang Mai takes about 8-9 hours drive.


Guests can use public bus services to get to Thi Lo Su Waterfall. From Bangkok, visitors can catch a bus from Mochit bus station or Sai Tai Mai bus station to Tak. From Tak, local buses take visitors to Thi Lo Su Waterfall. Bus times and schedules are subject to change, so check schedule and station information in advance.


Visitors can also take a plane to Tak airport and then transfer to another vehicle to get to Thi Lo Su Waterfall . Tak Airport serves domestic flights from Bangkok and several other destinations. From the airport, visitors can use a taxi or shuttle to get to the falls.

Ideal tourist season at Thi Lo Su waterfall

Thi Lo Su Waterfall can be visited and traveled all year round, however there are some tourist seasons that are considered more ideal to experience its beauty. Below is a description of the tourist seasons at Thi Lo Su Waterfall:

Rainy season (May – October): During the rainy season, from May to October, Thi Lo Su waterfall reaches its peak in water level. The large and powerful water flow creates an impressive and majestic scene. This destination during the rainy season will bring visitors a wonderful experience with white water streams, a cool feeling and lively scenery.

Dry season (November – April): The dry season, from November to April can be considered the best tourist season to visit Thi Lo Su Waterfall. During this period, there is little rain and drier weather, creating favorable conditions for traveling and exploring. Although the amount of water is not as much as during the rainy season, there is still enough water to create a beautiful sight and visitors can get closer to the falls.

The majestic beauty of Thi Lo Su waterfall in Thailand

Stretching over a large area, Thi Lo Su Waterfall radiates extremely impressive beauty. The white water flows strongly from the top of the waterfall, forming smooth strips of water. These streams of water continue to pour down the giant stone steps, creating streams of water falling with extraordinary force. This spectacle creates a dazzling display of water, intense sounds and splashing water bubbles throughout the space. When sunlight shines through the water, the reflection creates a rainbow of brilliant colors, making the waterfall even more magical.

Thi Lo Su Waterfall is not only a work of water but also a perfect combination of rocks, plants and green space. The landscape around the falls is covered with lush tropical forest, where rich tree and plant species flourish. The fresh green of the plants and the revived life after the rains create a wonderful and friendly natural space.

The special feature of Thi Lo Su Waterfall is its conservation and nature. With sustainable development and environmental protection rights, Thi Lo Su Waterfall has been strictly protected, not affected by urban development or industrial activities. This helps visitors experience a pristine and pure land, discovering natural beauty with silence and peace.

In addition to natural beauty, Thi Lo Su Waterfall is also a place to preserve the unique culture of local people. Visitors can visit indigenous villages and learn about the customs, traditions and lifestyle of this community. The sincerity and hospitality of the Thai people will create a close and memorable experience for visitors.

Interesting experiences at Thi Lo Su waterfall

Sightseeing and taking photos

Take time to explore and admire the breathtaking beauty of Thi Lo Su Waterfall. Visitors can walk across the walkways and suspension bridges to visit from up close and take stunning photos of the massive waterfall and white water.

Go on an expedition boat

Visitors can participate in a boat adventure on the powerful waters of the falls. Boat trips will bring a sense of excitement and adventure as visitors feel the power of the water and the surrounding landscape.

Camping and picnics

Thi Lo Su Waterfall is a great place to camp and have a picnic with family and friends. Visitors can enjoy the fresh natural space and enjoy a picnic with the joyful sound of the waterfall.

Try local food

When visiting Thi Lo Su Waterfall, visitors should not miss the opportunity to enjoy local dishes. Tak region specialties such as Kaeng Hang Lay (pork soup), Khao Soi (noodles) and Khao Yam (mixed rice) will satisfy your taste buds.

Local and cultural tours

Tourists can visit indigenous villages near Thi Lo Su Waterfall to learn about the culture, traditions and lifestyle of this community such as Lahu village, Karen village, or Lisu village to interact with local people. local people and discover the beauty of their culture.

With its stunning natural wild beauty and fresh air, Thi Lo Su waterfall has become an attractive destination not only for domestic tourists but also attracts the attention of international tourists. Exploring this waterfall is a great adventure to enjoy the marvelous natural beauty and learn about the culture and life of the local people in Thailand . 

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