The Top 10 Things to do in Lanzarote

Top 10 Things to do in Lanzarote

Discover a different destination: the island of Lanzarote, the easternmost of the Canary archipelago. There you will find a multitude of tourist attractions, such as idyllic beaches, volcanic landscapes unique in the world, delicious cuisine and a wide range of activities to make the most of your vacation. Our advisors assure you a trip of 10 in which you will enjoy like you have never done before. Read on to discover places you haven’t heard about before!


Each and every one of the islands that are part of the Canary Islands archipelago are fascinating, but today it’s time to talk about  Lanzarote  and its spectacular terrain. There is nothing better than letting yourself go, taking a plane and arriving in Lanzarote in the blink of an eye.

Discover, with us, a magical island where you can take a tour of its  charming towns  and the impressive  volcano route. 

The fusion of nature with the black and golden sand beaches, and its crystal-clear waters, are a good incentive to spend an authentic vacation, in the strictest sense of the word. Even if it’s just a couple of days, just think about relaxing in the sun and forgetting about everyday stress!

Lanzarote Gastronomy

A long agricultural and fishing tradition coexists in Lanzarote gastronomy , where the cultivation of vineyards on volcanic ash from the Timanfaya eruption in the 18th century stands out. This has given rise to emblematic landscapes on the island, one of the most popular being La Geria.

Located between the municipalities of Yaiza and Tías, La Geria is an entire wine region cultivated in volcanic soil and unique in the world. Excellent wines with their own designation of origin are grown here: the famous Malvasía whites , but also reds, rosés, sweets and sparkling wines. Take a tour of its vineyards and taste it, you will love it!

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Another of the gastronomic jewels of Lanzarote is the production of salt which, in the past, was collected in many corners of the island. Today, you can visit the Janubio Salt Flats and taste its delicate salt flowers.

And, of course, don’t leave without visiting a traditional restaurant and trying some of their star dishes, among which are fresh fish, sancocho, composed chickpeas, excellent goat cheeses and, of course, wrinkled potatoes with mojo

Book your trip to Lanzarote now! The different island awaits you.

Reasons to visit Lanzarote

Yes, there are many  reasons to visit this wonderful island , do you want to know some of them?

Because it has an emerald lagoon: El Charco de los Clicos

Did you know that the fishing town of El Golfo has a beautiful  green lagoon ? This is popularly known by various names. One of them is Lago Verde due to the emerald color of its waters, which adopt this tone thanks to the high sulfur and algae content of its bottom. It is also known by the name Charco de los Ciclos or Laguna de los Clicos because in ancient times shellfish, now extinct, called “clicos” lived there.

The puddle is part of a volcanic crater, which is why the sand of the neighboring  Playa de los Clicos  is completely black, which makes this place even more attractive, which, without a doubt, is one of the most photographed settings in all of Lanzarote. Are you going to miss it?

Because it has an underwater museum: The Atlantic Museum

Have you ever heard of an  underwater museum ? Well, the waters between  Playa Blanca  and the  Castillo de las Coloradas  hide the only underwater museum in Europe. It is not an ordinary museum, but a real attraction for diving lovers who also seek the most artistic side of the island at a depth of 12 meters.

The creator of these sculptures is the British Jason de Caires Taylor, whose objective is to conserve the richness of the seabed and that is why he has carried out some underwater projects in other parts of the world. In this case, he has built 10 groups of sculptures taking as models some residents of Lanzarote, among which you can see  35 human figures  walking towards a wall, a group of children in a small metal boat, and a couple taking photographs, among others. many more.

Because it houses an underground auditorium: Cueva de los Verdes

Visiting the  Cueva de los Verdes  is like taking a trip to the center of the earth because it is one of the longest volcanic tubes on the planet. This cavity originated from an eruption of the Corona Volcano, in the municipality of Haría, and extends for 6 kilometers, joining the crater and the sea through an underwater section known as the  Atlantis Tunnel .

The lighting of these galleries and the colors of their ceilings and walls are a true spectacle for our eyes and ears, since their acoustics are ideal for celebrating concerts and other cultural events such as the  Lanzarote Visual Music Festival , which offers a unique underground experience.

Because it has an endemic species: the blind crab of Los Jameos del agua

Like the Cueva de los Verdes, the  Jameos del Agua  were produced by the eruption of  the Corona Volcano  and are part of that great volcanic tube, specifically in the section closest to the coast, but the most curious thing is that in addition to Containing a lake inside caused by marine seepage, it has an endemic species typical of the area:  the blind crab , a tiny, albino species that attracts the attention of its visitors.

This work belongs to  César Manrique  and with it he aims to exalt the value of nature by mixing the volcanic environment with plant species of all kinds.

Because it offers an extraterrestrial landscape: Timanfaya National Park

The natural environment of the  Timanfaya National Park  is unusual, it is said that it looks like an extraterrestrial landscape originating from Mars. In fact, taking a tour of the Fuego Mountains on foot is a very affordable option to get up close and personal with this volcanic terrain, which will undoubtedly give you some of the most original views of the island.

This area has a total of 5,000 virgin hectares ideal for strolling on the back of a camel and taking the most extravagant photographs, but if these experiences fall short for you, do not hesitate to go to the restaurant inside:  El Diablo,  where meat and fish are prepared placed on an oven that is fed with the natural heat given off by the earth. EYE! That, ten meters deep, the earth boils at almost 300 degrees.

Because it has the largest salt flats in the Canary Islands: Las Salinas de Janubio

The Janubio Salt Flats  are the largest in the Canary Islands, a great source from which their main product emanates: salt, a white gold that was essential in the economy of Lanzarote. They are located in  Yaiza  and if we see them from the air they look like an eyeshadow palette in shades between pale pink and sky blue. It is totally recommended to see the sunset around the salt flats and photograph this magnificent landscape.

Because it has volcanic vineyards: La Geria

Surely you have often imagined what the moon is like, right? Don’t think twice and go to  La Geria , a valley located in the central part of Lanzarote that is capable of showing you a bare landscape very similar to that of this satellite in which small craters of dark tones predominate.

You are probably thinking that this black and wild terrain must be free of vegetation, but you are wrong, because the most curious thing of all is that the volcanic landscape of La Geria is ideal for growing vines from which Malvasia wines are later obtained. It is not the typical plantation, but rather they are short vines flanked by a half-moon-shaped stone wall that protects them from the wind, and as they grow, they dye the land green. It is advisable to take a tour of this area and then visit a  winery  to taste this wine that has been made in the lap of ashes.

Because it offers paradisiacal beaches: Playa del Papagayo

The  beaches  that Lanzarote offers are paradisiacal, some with black sand and others with white sand, but ALL are SPECTACULAR and UNMATCHED.

It doesn’t matter if we talk about  Famara Beach, Playa Mujeres, Playa del Janubio or Playa del Papagayo  because any of them will pleasantly surprise you. The latter, located in the south of the island, is one of the most welcoming in Lanzarote with its horseshoe shape. Its sand is fine and golden in tone, and its turquoise blue waters inevitably remind us of those of the Caribbean Sea. The waves are moderate, so it is ideal for you if you are traveling with children or simply if you are looking for a quiet day isolated from the noise of big cities.

Because it houses an impressive botanical garden: El Jardín de Cactus

Once again  César Manrique  plays with architecture and nature in the  Cactus Garden, located in Guatiza (Teguise ). It consists of a huge botanical garden that occupies 5,000 square meters and is made up of a total of 7,000 specimens, including a long list of cactus species from all over the world. The dark red color of the earth contrasts with the blue of the sky and the green of the plants… it is a work that was built on an old quarry to be designed to perfection because it has aesthetic details that were made to delight everyone’s eyes. those who visit this place.

Because it has the best viewpoint with views towards La Graciosa: El Mirador del Río

If you want to get one of the best panoramic views of the entire island you should go to the  Mirador del Río , an excellent balcony located on the Risco de Famara, specifically at 474 meters above sea level, which points to  La Graciosa . It is one of César Manrique’s most characteristic architectural compositions, from where you can also see a large part of the Atlantic Ocean and the Chinijo archipelago.

We want you to live this trip as a unique and unforgettable experience. You will only have to worry about enjoying and we will take care of all the preparations. If you need help with your vacation, you can check our offers on our website, Lanzarote awaits you!

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