10 Best Things to Do in Seville, Spain (2024)

Things to Do in Seville

Best Things to Do in Seville – Seville captured our hearts and was chosen as  one of our favorite cities in  Europe, we loved it!!! The city is beautiful, cheerful and has a lot of places to visit. In this article we will give you tips on things to do in Seville and also where to stay in the city.

10 Best Things to Do in Seville, Spain (2024)

1. Take a walking tour of Seville

walking tour of Seville

The best way to get to know a city is by taking a city tour, so we started our travels around Seville by taking the free wakling tour, which is a free guided tour.

At the end of the tour you give the guide a tip, depending on your satisfaction with the tour.

The tour lasted two hours and was totally worth it. We were able to learn a little about the history of Seville and also visited its main tourist attractions.

The Plaza del Triunfo, Seville Cathedral, the Giralda, the Royal Alcázares and the Archive of the Indies, Puerta de Jerez, were some of the places we passed during this tour, which ended at the Plaza de España.

2. Watch the sunset at the Eurostars Tower of Seville

When we arrived in Seville, still on the road, very close to the city, we saw a very tall, super modern building. William, who loves modern things, admired the building and wondered what it could be.

During our walking tour we learned that this building was a lookout point, from where we could see the city from above. The guide told us that the residents of Seville didn’t like this building very much and were against its construction, mainly because it clashed with the city center, which is full of old buildings.

I thought it was strange that she didn’t recommend going there, she said that the best view was from La Giralda Tower. We visited both places, and liked the view from the observation tower better.

The view from there is just perfect!!! Especially at the end of the day, as it is possible to see a wonderful sunset.

The viewpoint is entirely made of glass and you can enjoy the city. The glass highlighted where some of Seville’s main tourist attractions were located. Oh and there is also a bar on site. Write down the tip and go check it out, because it’s worth it.

3. Discover the Royal Alcázar of Seville

Royal Alcázar of Seville

This is the  most visited tourist spot in Seville , which is why there are usually huge queues. So the most important tip is  to buy your ticket in advance  and by appointment. This way you won’t get in line.

The Royal Alcázar of Seville is over a thousand years old and is one of the oldest royal residences in Europe. The place was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1987. The palace is huge, its architecture was influenced by the Arabs and the Moors, making the place a unique luxury. Full of walls with mosaics and beautiful gardens, it is a must-see for anyone visiting Seville. 

Don’t forget to go to the Patio de las Donzellas to take a photo, as it is one of the most charming corners of the Alacázar. The place is a winter garden surrounded by marble columns. Take a look at the photo above. 

  • Opening hours:  From April 1st to September 14th, from 9:30 am to 7:00 pm and from September 15th to March 31st, from 9:30 am to 5:00 pm.
  • Price:  €20 for people over 14 years old (value in June/2024)

4. Go to Maria Luisa Park and Plaza de España 

Plaza de España (Seville)

Plaza de España is a place of indescribable beauty, an unmissable place for anyone who loves to appreciate the architecture of the places they visit, as it combines elements of Spanish architecture with Art Deco. 

We consider this the most beautiful place we visited in Seville. Do not let to go!!! And prepare your camera and cell phone because you’re going to take a lot of photos!

You can take carriage rides and also rent a boat to take a ride on the canal.

Praça da Espanha is at the end of Parque Maria Luisa and is free to access. There are also two museums located in the park, one for archeology and the other for arts.

5. Try the typical foods of Seville

Calamari (Seville)

You know something we did a few times in Seville and really enjoyed: sitting in a pub in the city center, ordering a drink and eating snacks, because the ones in Seville are really good!

In Seville, tapas ,  which are traditional Spanish snacks, are an art form. And most establishments have a specific menu for tapas. We preferred to choose individual portions, so we could try several options. It was worth it. 

The one in the photo is the traditional fried calamari, which is breaded squid. It’s delicious, I highly recommend it. We also enjoyed the paella. We ate the calamari in the photo at Levies, which has a specific menu for individual tapas. It’s worth going there. 

Don’t forget to try the  rebujito , a drink made from manzanilla wine and lemon-based soda. We tried it and really enjoyed it.

6. Riding an Electric Scooter

Our first experience with electric scooters was in Seville and we loved it!!! After that we lived this experience in other cities, as it helps a lot, especially at the end of the day when we are already very tired.

In addition to being super practical, as you download the app and pay with your credit card, you can pick up the scooter from various places in the city and leave it anywhere within the permitted perimeter.

We took our scooters from Torre del Oro and went to the Eurostars Torre de Seville, located 1.8 km away. The journey was super peaceful and Gabriel loved it!!! It was a unique experience, a different tour that became a way of getting around.

And it wasn’t just this time that we walked. The other day William invented that he was tired just so we could ride the electric scooter again, we pretended to believe him and humored him.

7. Visit the 3rd largest Cathedral in the world and La Giralda Tower

Seville Cathedral and La Giralda Tower (Seville)

Seville Cathedral, called Catedral de Santa María de La Sede, is the  largest in Spain and the third largest in the world.  It’s a gothic cathedral where

Are you curious to know which churches occupy 1st and 2nd position? St. Paul’s Cathedral in London and St. Peter’s Cathedral in the Vatican.

The Cathedral was declared a World Heritage Site in 1987. It was built with predominantly Muslim influence, but also shows traces of Moorish influence in its construction.

If you intend to visit the Cathedral and La Giralda Tower, be sure to buy tickets in advance, as the queues are huge!!! See the photo below for a small part of the queue.

The Tower is located next to the Cathedral and offers a privileged view of the city and the Guadalquivi River. The cathedral bells are located in the tower.

To get to the top, you will have to walk a lot, but you won’t be that tired. Do you know why? Because you will walk on ramps and not stairs. And as the lines are usually long, you will walk slowly and have several moments to stop, admire the view and then continue walking. You will have to travel 35 ramps to reach the top.

The view is very beautiful, but we enjoyed the view from Eurostars more. William didn’t like it very much, he kept complaining and when we got to the top the place was packed and it was very difficult to find a space to enjoy the city. 

  • Opening hours:  Monday to Saturday from 10:45 to 19:10 and Sundays from 14:30 to 19:30.
  • Price:  €17.50 for people over 13 years old (price in June/2024)

8. Torre del Oro (Golden Tower)

orre del Oro (Seville)

The Torre del Oro, or Golden Tower, is located on the banks of the Guadalquivir River and was built in 1221 to protect the city of Seville from Arab attacks. It was part of the protective wall that surrounded the city.

The tower is 36 meters high and also has a viewpoint from which it is possible to see the city.

Today, it houses the  Maritime Museum  , which has models, navigation charts and many other objects related to the sea.

9. Discover the Metropol Parasol 

Metropol Parasol (Seville)

The Metropol Parasol  is known as  the Arrows of Seville  which is also known as the Mushrooms of the Encarnación. It is a wooden construction located in the Plaza La Encarnación, which was designed by the German architect Jürgen Mayer-Hermann.

It’s a  futuristic construction  that left us speechless, simply perfect! It is the largest wooden structure in the world.

On the second and third floors there are panoramic terraces from which you can enjoy a privileged view of Seville. There is also a restaurant on site.

While you’re there, you can go to the Antiquarium, an underground museum space that hides magnificent Roman mosaics.

10. Have fun at the Isla Mágica amusement park

Isla Mágica (Seville)

Unfortunately, Isla Mágica Park is not open during winter, the time when we were in the city, so we weren’t able to visit it. 

William was disappointed, because when he researched what to do in Seville he found the park and really wanted to go there, as he loves amusement parks, but we will certainly go another time.

The park has a ton of attractions, which promise moments of great fun, especially for those who enjoy adrenaline, as it has several extreme rides.

If you plan to visit the park, be sure to buy your ticket in advance. This will save you time in lines.  

More tips for sightseeing in Seville

It is impossible to visit all of Seville’s tourist attractions in two days, so we had to choose the places that interested us the most. Here are some other tourist attractions in Seville that may interest you:

  • Flamenco Museum;
  • General Archive of the Indies;
  • Seville Museum of Fine Arts;
  • Seville Archaeological Museum;
  • Museum of Popular Art and Costumes of Seville;
  • Macarena Museum;
  • Museum of Illusions;
  • Seville Aquarium ;
  • House of Science;
  • Seville Football Club Stadium;
  • Navigation Pavilion;
  • Triana Market;
  • San Telmo Palace;
  • Palace of the Countess of Lebrija;
  • Marqueses Palace of La Algaba;
  • Palace of the Archbishop of Seville;
  • Palace of the Dueñas;
  • Church of the Divine Slavador;
  • America Square and Royal Pavilion.

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What to do in Seville

What to do in Seville in 1 day?

If you only have one day to visit Seville, here are some tips on essential places to visit in the city.

  • Start by taking a free tour, where you will see the Plaza del Triunfo, the Cathedral of Seville, the Giralda Tower, the Royal Alcázares and the Archive of the Indies and the Plaza de España.
  • As the tour ends at Plaza de España, stay there a little longer and have lunch at a nearby restaurant.
  • After lunch, visit Seville Cathedral and climb La Giralda Tower,
  • End the day watching the sunset at the Eurostars Torre de Sevilha.

What to do in Seville in 2 days?

Follow the itinerary above for the first day. On the second day visit:

  • Torre del Oro;
  • Cross the bridge to the Triana neighborhood. Visit the São Jorge Castle, walk along Betis Street and have lunch at the Triana Market.
  • Visit the Flamenco Museum and go to the Setas de Sevilla.
  • Choose a restaurant to taste the delicious tapas of Seville.

What to do in Seville in 3 days?

Follow the itinerary above for the first and second day. As you will have already seen the main tourist attractions in Seville, reserve the third day to have fun.

  • Go to Isla Mágica Park.
  • If you don’t like amusement parks, take a day trip and explore other cities around Seville.

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