Where to Stay in Algarve, Portugal (2024): Best Hotels Guide

Where to Stay in Algarve

Where to Stay in Algarve – A complete guide with everything you need to know before staying in the beautiful cities of the Algarve region

Are you starting to organize your trip, but still have no idea where to stay in the Algarve? Relax, I’ll help you with this mission!

Located in the south of Portugal , Algarve is a region with several unmissable attractions, ranging from paradisiacal beaches to ancient fortresses . The destination is a success thanks to its sunny climate and breathtaking beach landscapes.

First of all, it is worth remembering that the Algarve region is made up of 16 cities. Lagos, Albufeira, Portimão, Carvoeiro, Faro and Tavira are among the most famous and captivating. They all have a special charm, are very close and offer quality accommodation that is not too expensive.

And so that you can enjoy your holiday at your leisure – while still being close to the tourist attractions – I have handpicked the best hotel options in the 6 best-known cities, as well as other valuable tips that will help you avoid headaches. Check it out!

Where to Stay in Algarve, Portugal (2024): Best Hotels Guide

1. Where to Stay in Lagos (Algarve)

Lagos (Algarve)

If the topic is finding a place in the Algarve to enjoy days of shade and fresh water, Lagos cannot be left out of that conversation! 

The tranquility of this city will immediately win your heart. The highlights are the ancient walls, beaches with crystal clear waters, rocky walls and a historic center full of references to the period of navigation.

When you’re there, don’t miss the chance to visit Praia Dona Ana, Ponta da Piedade and Avenida dos Descobrimentos .

As for accommodation options in Lagos, you can breathe a sigh of relief! There are accommodations for those who prefer something simple, as well as for those who are more demanding.

Best Hotels in Lagos

Tivoli Lagos | With comfortable and well-decorated rooms, this 4-star hotel is located close to Avenida dos Descobrimentos and Marina de Lagos, ideal for you to enjoy and venture out on a boat trip. 

Dom Pedro Lagos | Less than 5 minutes from Meia-Praia, this aparthotel is in a truly privileged location. The accommodations are very airy and also have a small kitchen and sea views. 

Hotel Lagosmar | Close to the city center, this accommodation is everything you need to disconnect from your routine during your trip to the Algarve. The friendly staff, the rooms with bathtubs and vintage decor are just some of the many attractions of this hotel. 

Hotel Mar Azul | Here the cost-benefit is one of the best. The rooms are simple, but very organized and clean. Since it is in the center, you can visit most of the city’s shops and beaches on foot. 

Sensations Guesthouse| Have you ever thought about watching the sunset on a terrace overlooking the Lagos landscape? At this hotel, that’s more than possible! The rooms are also lovely, with comfortable beds and a relaxing shower.

2. Where to Stay in Albufeira (Algarve)

Albufeira (Algarve)

Albufeira is considered the most popular city in the Algarve . The lively nightlife, bars, golden sand beaches and authentic regional cuisine are the reasons why it is one of my favorite cities when it comes to where to stay in the Algarve.

The city is home to several attractions, such as Praia da Falésia and Miradouro do Pau da Bandeira . You can also take a stroll through the city center, with its white buildings that will give you the feeling of being in Greece.

Although the waters of Albufeira’s beaches are colder, the city is a favorite among its European neighbors. Therefore, I suggest you make your reservation as soon as possible, especially if you plan to visit during the high season, between June and September. The price of the rooms follows the demand, so be prepared to spend a little more.

Best Hotels in Albufeira

KR Hotels – Albufeira Lounge | This hotel is a good choice for those who want to be close to everything. You can walk to the center in less than 15 minutes. The huge beds and the spacious pool are the perfect combination for you to have your glory days.

Aparthotel Paladim & Alagoamar | In addition to having charming apartments with a bedroom, living room and kitchen, this aparthotel has a great structure. Located 10 minutes from Praia dos Pescadores, this option has a bar, restaurant and two spacious swimming pools.

Auramar Beach Resort | How about staying at a resort with access to two paradisiacal beaches? I guarantee that the decor of the rooms and the appetizing meals will definitely convince you to extend your stay at this resort.

Areias Village Beach Suite Hotel | One of the best hotels in Albufeira. I liked this option both for its location and its comfort. Close to the main street and a nightclub, expect nothing less than spacious apartments with equipped kitchens and rooms with balconies.

Orada Tourist Apartments – Albufeira Marina | Close to the Marina and the Historic Center of Albufeira, this accommodation stands out for its retro decor and wonderful leisure area, with a large swimming pool and a beautiful garden.

3. Where to Stay in Portimão (Algarve)

Portimão (Algarve)

If you are looking for a city with lush beaches, historical attractions and varied festivals, then Portimão is my suggestion. 

Portimão is conveniently located for you to enjoy all the wonders of the Algarve: between Lagos and Albufeira. 

You will have the opportunity to visit both the main tourist attractions – such as Praia da Rocha , the Portimão Museum , the Manoel Teixeira Gomes House and the Santa Catarina Fortress – as well as the treasures of neighboring cities.

The city combines the modernity of shopping malls, such as the Aqua Portimão Shopping Center , with the tradition of the old streets of the old center. Unless you mind the influx of tourists, staying in the historic center may be a good idea. There are also accommodations along the seafront that are equally interesting and quieter.

Best Hotels in Portimão

Clube Vilarosa | Tennis court, two swimming pools and soundproofed rooms are just some of the many amenities at this hotel. It’s a good option because it’s just 10 minutes from the popular Praia da Rocha.

Jupiter Algarve Hotel| Yes, the 4 stars of this hotel do justice to its structure! The hotel has nothing more, nothing less than a sauna, rooms with minibar, unlimited swimming pools and a bar with great music.

NH Marina Portimao Resort | For those who, like me, can’t resist a relaxing massage or rooms with stunning views, this resort should be the one to choose. The rooms are modern, with soft beds and views of the Portimão Marina.

AP Oriental Beach – Adults Friendly | Just a short walk from the beach, this hotel has a restaurant with a mouth-watering menu! The decor is a spectacle in itself, and the pool deck – with panoramic views of the sea – will be your favorite spot. It is worth noting that children are not allowed.

Flor da Rocha | Are you planning to relax in a beachfront apartment equipped with everything you need? Then this is the right choice! The staff is the kind that makes you feel at home. Plus, the proximity to the beach will be the reason you won’t want to leave this beach getaway.

4. Where to Stay in Carvoeiro (Algarve)

Carvoeiro (Algarve)

Carvoeiro is a town in the municipality of Lagoa, with extraordinary scenery that justifies including this destination on your list of accommodations in the Algarve.

With around 3 thousand residents, the village is a paradise for those looking for a place with less hustle and bustle. 

It’s no wonder that tourists fall in love with the village at first sight; the whitewashed houses give the destination’s landscapes a unique charm. After all, the contrast of its white facades with the green of the sea forms one of the most unmistakable views I’ve ever seen in Portugal.

And regardless of the length of your trip, visits to Algar de Benagil , Praia do Carvalho and Algar Seco cannot be left out of your itinerary.

Get ready to sample the delights of Algarve cuisine, browse the shops and, of course, enjoy the luxuries offered by the accommodations in Carvoeiro.

Best Hotels in Carvoeiro

Quinta das Andorinhas | With rooms decorated down to the last detail and a generous breakfast, it will be easy to recharge your batteries and stroll around the village. You will be just a stone’s throw from Carvoeiro Beach, not to mention that the friendly hosts will make your experience even more pleasant.

Colina da Lapa & Villas | The strong points are the fair prices and the architecture that gives us the feeling of being in a real palace. The beauty of the gardens and the decoration of the apartments are also other reasons that will enchant you.

Pestana Palm Gardens | Close to the beach, this hotel in the Algarve has great facilities, with a restaurant that will win your taste buds. Some rooms have views of the natural treasures of the Carvoeiro coast.

Hotel Carvoeiro Plaza| Surrounded by good restaurants, this hotel spares no expense in offering its guests cozy rooms. You can also enjoy delicious drinks at the bar and watch the waves roll by from your room window.

5. Where to Stay in Faro (Algarve)

Faro (Algarve)

Yes, I know that deciding where to stay in the Algarve is a difficult task. But if you want a hassle-free solution, choosing Faro is a guarantee of fun and lots of cultural immersion!

Faro is the famous (and coveted!) capital of the Algarve. It is there that you will find Faro International Airport and the University of Algarve . 

But don’t be fooled, the capital of the Algarve is much more than that. You will be surprised by the historical richness of the Old Town , with many large houses and little streets that preserve the memory and legacy of Portugal. 

So, be ready to embark on this journey and collect hundreds of photos of this wonderful place!

Best Hotels in Faro

Hotel 3K Faro Aeroporto | Imagine arriving in the Algarve and having an incredible hotel waiting for you, just minutes from the airport and with a super comfortable structure. Can you imagine? This option is perfect for that. This hotel will win you over with its well-decorated, comfortable rooms and proximity to the city center.

Sunlight House | Located in the center of Faro, this accommodation has cozy rooms with unique decor and a breakfast that will leave you wanting more. Just 10 minutes from the train station, this accommodation is the ideal starting point for you to explore the city’s main attractions.

Hotel ibis Faro Algarve | Although it is a little far from the center, this hotel has a wonderful leisure area and rooms with beds so soft that they make up for the distance. The cleanliness and first-class service are also factors that may make you consider this option.

Best Western Hotel Dom Bernardo | Starting the day with a view of Faro Marina and a hearty breakfast are some of the perks you can enjoy at this hotel. The rooms are simple, but without losing the cozy atmosphere, you know? And you’ll still be minutes away from the liveliest restaurants in the area.

6. Where to Stay in Tavira (Algarve)

Tavira (Algarve)

Still can’t decide between so many fantastic cities? Then Tavira could be the solution to this conundrum! About 40 km from Faro, the city is one of the most peaceful and charming in the region.

Bathed by the Gilão River, Tavira is a more peaceful alternative, with calm beaches, fascinating tourist attractions and incomparable cuisine.

Some of the must-see stops in this paradise include visiting Tavira Castle – which offers one of the most beautiful panoramic views of the city –, strolling across the Roman Bridge , visiting the Church of Misericórdia and, to finish, relaxing on the beaches of Tavira Island .

Best Hotels in Tavira

Formosa Guest House | Located in Praça da República, this hotel exceeded my expectations. Just a short walk away, you can explore all the attractions in the city center. The hotel has spacious rooms where you can recharge your batteries in a quiet environment full of amenities. 

Quinta do Morgado | With airy apartments, swimming pools, a sports court and an Instagrammable garden, this option leaves nothing to be desired. You will also have access to a market near the entrance of this accommodation, ideal for doing your shopping without having to go too far.

Residencial Mares | Facing the Gilão River, this accommodation is the secret to an unforgettable trip! With a sauna, a terrace overlooking the city and a breakfast with fresh ingredients, I bet you’ll leave there planning to come back again.

A Muralha | Close to Tavira Castle and the ferry point to Tavira Island, this hotel has minimalist rooms and comfortable beds. And you’ll also find a super friendly staff who are committed to the well-being of their guests. Honorable mention to that divine breakfast!

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A Trip to Algarve is Perfect For…

Lisbon | Approximately 3 hours from Faro, the Portuguese capital is a great opportunity to enhance your days in Portugal. Lisbon has a range of unique attractions for you to discover: many museums, beaches, basilicas, festivities, cruises on the Tagus River, cable car rides and, of course, the delicious Lisbon cuisine.

Aveiro | Aveiro is known as the “Portuguese Venice”, as it is bathed by the canals of the Ria de Aveiro. You will be enchanted by the old buildings in the historic center, colorful houses, museums and the ride on the moliceiros, which are the traditional boats of the Ria. Leaving the capital of the Algarve to Aveiro, you will embark on a journey of almost 500 km.

Porto | In Porto, 5 hours from Faro, you will have plenty of fun options at your disposal! Enjoying good wines, exploring the charming streets of the historic center, appreciating the artistic wealth of the museums and watching the sunset on the banks of the Douro River are just a sample of the best things to do there.

Have you Already Chosen Where to Stay in Algarve, Portugal?

After so many tips, it became easy to choose where to stay in the Algarve – and you even know the perfect time to enjoy the sunny days in the south of Portugal, right?

Now all you have to do is pack your bags and enjoy all the beaches and historical landmarks of this European paradise. Then come back here and tell me about your days in this wonderful region. Enjoy your trip!

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