Where To Stay in Amsterdam (2024)

Where To Stay in Amsterdam

When it comes to choosing where to stay in Amsterdam, there are many different types of accommodation and places to base yourself in the city. We know that choosing the right place to stay can be a challenge, but we’re here to help!

We’ll explain everything you need to know about the best neighborhoods in Amsterdam. There are many accommodation options throughout the city and each area has its own particular charm. Depending on what you’re looking for, you might prefer to stay in the city center or in one of the many different neighborhoods that make up one of Europe’s most interesting cities.

To know where to stay in Amsterdam, you need to plan ahead and, above all, understand what you are looking for and what your trip profile is.

Best places to stay in Amsterdam

 Best places to stay in Amsterdam (Museumplein)

As you may know, Amsterdam is a city known for its canals, museums, bike tours and windmills.

The city has several neighborhoods and sub-regions, but not all of them are good alternatives for accommodation. To help with this process, we have separated the best places with hotel tips in each of them.

Amsterdam has five central regions that can be useful for tourists to stay in, but our experience recommends neighborhoods in only three of them, which are Centrum, Zuid and Noord.

Within these regions, when looking for where to stay in Amsterdam, the best neighborhoods in our evaluation are:

In addition to these, in Amsterdam tourists also have the option of staying in the traditional Houseboats that are spread throughout the city, which can be an alternative for a completely different accommodation experience.

See below the details of our favorite regions of Amsterdam to make the best choice for your trip.

1. Jordaan


With all the attractions of Jordaan , the neighborhood is an excellent option for staying in Amsterdam.

This part of the city combines the beauty of classic Dutch landscapes (bikes, narrow bridges, canals) with an environment full of interesting things to do, such as the Anne Frank House .

The neighborhood is incredibly charming and elegant. When staying there, you can reach the main points of Amsterdam in a few minutes by walking or using public transport.

Its historic atmosphere, narrow streets and proximity to the canals make Jordaan the ideal place for those looking for an authentic Dutch city experience.

Hotel tips in Jordaan

Accommodation options in Jordaan are, in general, very comfortable and elegant.

The streets of Jordaan are charming and tree-lined, providing a welcoming atmosphere for visitors.

As examples of well-rated hotels in the region we can mention:

  • Hotel Mercier : A boutique hotel with incredible modern decor and a perfect location. The hotel is located on a beautiful narrow street, close to the canal circle and the Anne Frank House. Although it maintains original features such as its brick facade and staircases, its entire internal environment has been completely renovated.
  • Bridge Inn : Hotel with comfortable and well-equipped rooms. Highlights include the incredible view from the room over the canal that surrounds the neighborhood.
  • Adam Suites Hotel : very good and comfortable hotel, with modern decor, in the same area close to the Brouwersgracht canal.

Is it worth staying in Jordaan?

Jordaan is considered one of the best neighborhoods to stay in Amsterdam as it is in the Centrum, the most touristy part of the city.

For all the facilities it offers, staying in the neighborhood will be average or a little more expensive than standard, but if you don’t have serious budget restrictions it may be the best place to stay in Amsterdam.

2. Grachtengordel

If you are looking for an authentic experience in Amsterdam, the tip is to choose to stay in the Grachtengordel neighborhood, the city’s Canal Belt.

With its beautiful tree-lined streets and historic canals, this is one of the most elegant areas in the city center.

Grachtengordel is a region located very close to Jordaan. The three main canals of Amsterdam pass through there, which means that the area has several hotels with excellent views from the rooms.

Accommodation in Grachtengordel

Regarding accommodation options, in the Canal Belt you will find everything from comfortable hotels with modern decor to refined hotels with preserved historic interiors.

When looking for where to stay in Amsterdam, if you are looking for something more refined and charming during your stay, Grachtengordel is without a doubt a good choice!

In the neighborhood, our recommendations are for hotels concentrated around Rembrandplein, which include:

  • Hotel The Bird : Good, comfortable hotel with a spectacular location and views, right where the Amstel River meets the canals of the Old Town.
  • Eden Hotel Amsterdam : modern hotel, completely renovated in 2021, also overlooking the Amstel River. 
  • NH Collection Amsterdam : in the inner part of the neighborhood, the view here is of the Flower Market, a no less interesting spot in the region. The hotel follows the NH chain standard and its common areas are inspired by Dutch gardens.

Is it worth staying in Amsterdam’s Grachtengordel?

When choosing Grachtengordel as your accommodation destination, you will be surrounded by old buildings and lots of history.

The beauty of this neighborhood is due to the typical Dutch houses that line the banks of the canal. Not to mention the numerous museums, sophisticated restaurants and boutique stores available nearby. There are also many bars, pubs and restaurants in this region that serve good food and the best quality Dutch beers.

Compared to other neighborhoods to stay in Amsterdam, Grachtengordel can be a bit more expensive in terms of accommodation. But its upscale atmosphere and luxurious hotels make it worth the investment.

3. City Center

City Center

The City Center is the real commercial space and major tourist hub of Amsterdam, with many options for fun.

In addition to the famous canals that cross the region, in the City Center there are a large number of bars, cafes, restaurants and local shops that serve visitors very well.

Furthermore, in the neighborhood there is the Central Train Station, which brings a huge benefit in terms of convenience if you are going to use public transport and stay there. After all, there is the possibility of connecting to the metro station (Central Station), trams, ferries and buses.

When choosing where to stay in Amsterdam, the City Center is certainly among the best accommodation options for most visitors. The only negative point is that all the benefits of the location end up increasing the daily rate.

Hotels in Amsterdam City Center

In this central region of Amsterdam there are several excellent hotel options and good hostels that offer comfort and convenience to their guests. 

We have selected 4 hotel tips that are located in different parts of the neighborhood:

  • INK Hotel Amsterdam : luxurious hotel with modern design. It is located in the building that used to belong to the newspaper “De Tijd”, very close to Dam Square.
  • Hotel Mai Amsterdam : hotel located at the “back” of the Red Light District, an exceptional point from which to explore the City Center of Amsterdam. It’s a good example of how it’s possible to stay in small rooms and still be comfortable.
  • Hotel Estheréa : founded in the first half of the 20th century, the hotel is located in a building considered a UNESCO World Heritage Site, on the banks of the first canal of the Circle that surrounds the city center. The accommodation is aimed at those who enjoy exclusivity.
  • Hotel V Nesplein : with completely renovated rooms decorated in a modern minimalist style, the hotel is in the best possible location, close to Dam Square.

Red Light District

Red Light District

The proximity of the City Center to the Red Light District makes it not a suitable area for all travelers.

The Red Light District attracts many tourists for its erotic storefronts and vibrant nightlife. Therefore, it may not be very suitable for families with young children or couples looking for a quieter environment.

However, if you are looking for a lively and lively atmosphere during your stay in Amsterdam this is definitely the right place!

Who is it recommended to stay in the center of Amsterdam?

For those looking to stay right in the center of everything, the City Center is an excellent accommodation option. The area is known for its lively atmosphere and nightlife, and for the presence of several important tourist attractions nearby.

The central location also makes it very easy to access public transport to explore other parts of the city.

Although it is an area with many tourist attractions, it can be considered a little noisier compared to other quieter regions, such as Jordaan and De Pijp, for example.

Additionally, some travelers may feel uncomfortable due to the presence of the Red Light District in the area.

4. De Pijp

The De Pijp neighborhood is one of Amsterdam’s most interesting neighborhoods, located just south of the historic center. Known for its bohemian atmosphere, this area is home to many of the city’s best restaurants and has a lively nightlife. 

De Pijp is also home to the city’s largest street market, the Albert Cuyp, where you can buy vintage clothing and culinary delights daily.

Accommodation in De Pijp

If you want to save money on your stay and pay less for your daily rates , staying in the De Pijp neighborhood may be the best tip when looking for where to stay in Amsterdam.

There you can find good accommodations (including large chains) in one of the best neighborhoods to stay in Amsterdam. It offers great value for money.

On the other hand, as the neighborhood is very popular among tourists, this is one of the areas where people may face difficulties in finding these more affordable accommodations during the high season.

Our picks for hotels in Amsterdam that are in De Pijp include:

  • Ibis Styles Amsterdam : This budget hotel is ideal for those who don’t want to spend a lot on accommodation. Although simple, the rooms are comfortable and have all the basics for a great stay. The location of this hotel is key, as it is located in the De Pijp area closest to the Old Town.
  • Pestana Amsterdam Riverside : on the banks of the Amstel River, the hotel is housed in a wonderful neo-Renaissance building with modern annexes. Its rooms have minimalist decor and are very comfortable.
  • Hotel Okura Amsterdam : luxurious hotel with rooms and suites decorated in a minimalist Japanese style.

Is this neighborhood worth choosing to stay in Amsterdam?

If you choose to stay in De Pijp when looking for where to stay in Amsterdam, you will have the opportunity to discover a lively and vibrant area.

In addition to the famous Albert Cuyp market, which offers many dining options, there are also several cafes and restaurants where you can enjoy local cuisine.

The location is also perfect for those who want to immerse themselves in Amsterdam’s creative and cool scene, with many ateliers and galleries on the streets.

5. Museumplein – Vondelpark


The Museumplein and Vondelpark region is one of the most popular areas for stays in Amsterdam.

After all, this region is home to attractions and some of the best museums in Amsterdam, such as:

  • Rijksmuseum
  • City Museum
  • Van Gogh Museum
  • Voldelpark

The region is therefore an excellent base for exploring Amsterdam if you stay there. We stayed there and loved it. Museums, cafes, public transport, everything there is great value for money. If you are a fan of art, culture and nature, this could be the perfect choice for your trip to the Dutch capital.

Even though you are far from the historic center and other well-known neighborhoods, the transport options are quite satisfactory. You can easily take a tram to go to the historic center or explore other parts of Amsterdam.

Another advantage of the region is having a bus stop that connects to Schiphol Airport right at the door, next to the Concertgebouw.

Accommodation tips in Museumplein-Vondelpark

As this is a very popular area, hotels in the area may be a little more expensive than in other areas of the city. However, they are still a great option for those looking for convenience during their stay in Amsterdam.

Below are some of the hotels located in Museumplein-Vondelpark that we recommend:

  • The Muse Amsterdam : It is a beautiful boutique hotel located between Museumplein and the De Pijp neighborhood, ideal for those who, like us, love museums and art galleries. Its rooms are inspired by the Golden Age, and contain an elegant classic touch.
  • Max Brown Hotel : This is a wonderful boutique hotel close to the Rijksmuseum. Its facade has retained the details of the old houses, but its interior has been completely modernized and features rustic decor.
  • Hotel van der Vijsel : located on the historic Overtoon street. Since in the last century the building was the headquarters of the timber company “Houthandel van de Vijsel”, its entire interior lives up to its history and has floors, walls and ceiling all made of wood original to the construction.

Is it worth staying near Museumplein?

Museumplein and Vondelpark are perfect areas for those who want to be surrounded by art, nature and culture in Amsterdam.

In terms of accommodation, the area has many comfortable and affordable options. Some options include well-located hotels near museums with easy access to public transportation, allowing you to quickly explore other neighborhoods.

Furthermore, the region has a huge gastronomic variety and keeps visitors close to tourist attractions at all times. 

6. Amsterdam Noord

The Amsterdam Noord area is a part of the city that serves as a port area, which means that its architecture is mostly in an industrial style.

The neighborhood itself has undergone a major transformation in recent years, becoming a hub for urban art and alternative culture in the city.

Noord is home to attractions such as the EYE Film Museum (Dutch Film Museum), NDSM Werf (a port area with art galleries and restaurants), as well as some interesting dining options.

Noord is mainly accessed via free ferries that connect the region to Amsterdam Centraal. Depending on where you are in Amsterdam Noord, it may be easier and more economical to stay there than to look for something among the accommodations in the Center.

Where to stay in Amsterdam Noord

The further north you are, the further you are from Amsterdam’s main tourist attractions. Therefore, hotels, Airbnbs and rental prices are cheaper here.

Although the prices are more affordable, the savings come at the cost of spending more time on travel. The region is therefore not recommended for those who are traveling to Amsterdam on a tight schedule, but there are exceptions:

Some hotels to stay at in Amsterdam Noord:

  • Sir Adam Hotel : located in the A’Dam tower, this hotel has an observation deck, co-working spaces, gym, restaurant and rooftop. Located practically at the ferry gate for the crossing to the center. Staying here is a way to get an excellent location without having to fight for rooms that sell out quickly in the center.
  • DoubleTree by Hilton : option next to the NDSM pier, the hotel is a ten-minute ferry ride from Amsterdam Central Station, in one of the most attractive areas of Amsterdam Noord.
  • Holiday Inn Express : hotel with comfortable rooms and large windows, as is the standard of the Holiday Inn chain. It is a little far from the ferry (Ij Plein), but the savings can be worth it.
  • Yotel Amsterdam : Located far from the A’Dam tower and the ferry to the Center, this is a hotel with a fun atmosphere that could be another interesting alternative in the region.

How to stay in the Amsterdam Boat Houses

Amsterdam Boat Houses

One of the most interesting options when choosing where to stay in Amsterdam is the possibility of staying in one of its Boat Houses. If you’re looking for a genuine experience, staying on a houseboat could be the right choice for your stay in Amsterdam.

Anchored in the city’s canals, they offer guests a unique experience, where you can enjoy one of the most beautiful panoramas of the city.

Furthermore, Casas Barco are well equipped and offer all the amenities you need for a comfortable stay. However, it is important to know how to choose them, as cheaper options may not be as comfortable, whether due to the small size, limited sleeping space or the surrounding area.

Authentic options for a stay in Amsterdam

Here are some of the best Boat House options:

  • Felicitas : a “boat hotel” very suitable for couples. Its rooms are a good size and all contain fully equipped bathrooms. Furthermore, it has an ideal deck for enjoying the beautiful view during breakfast (which is included in the package).
  • Rembrandt Square Boat : a boat house that has a living room, a bedroom, bathroom and equipped kitchen. Its covered deck allows you to enjoy a beautiful view of the canal. The Rembrandt is spacious and full of windows, allowing plenty of natural light (whether from the sun or the moon).
  • Asile Flottant : a group of 6 boats that are moored near the historic center of Amsterdam. To design the Asile Flottant, all the boats were renovated and transformed into excellent apartments that can accommodate 4 to 6 people.

Is it worth booking a houseboat?

Staying on one of Amsterdam’s houseboats is quite an experience.

In Amsterdam, houseboats are more expensive accommodation than conventional hotels of a similar standard. Some are exclusive and have sophisticated services, such as a private spa or even a terrace with spectacular views of the canal.

However, the truth is that there are few places in the world that will allow you to have an experience like this, so I wouldn’t fail to consider this option, even if not for every day of your stay in Amsterdam.

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The best neighborhood to stay in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is an incredible city, full of culture, history and stunning landscapes. We hope this guide has been useful in helping you decide the best place to stay in Amsterdam on your next trip to the Netherlands.

Remember that in Amsterdam each neighborhood has unique characteristics and varied accommodation options. Choose the location that best suits your needs and preferences, as it is impossible to define which is the best, as each traveler will have a different opinion.

Regardless of the neighborhood you choose to stay in Amsterdam, I’m sure you’ll have an unforgettable experience in the city!

Be sure to stroll along the city’s picturesque canals, visit its famous museums or simply relax in the beautiful local parks. The important thing is to enjoy everything the city has to offer – you won’t regret it!

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