Where to stay in Chefchaouen, Morocco (2024)

Where to stay in Chefchaouen

Are you wondering where to stay in Chefchaouen, Morocco, and whether it’s worth spending a night in the city?

In this article, we’ll walk you through the pros and cons of doing just a day trip. And for those who choose to stay overnight in Chefchaouen, we’ll show you a range of accommodation options to suit all tastes and budgets, from luxurious riads to hostels, which are great for those looking to save money and socialise.

Is it worth spending a night in Chefchaouen?

Yes, it’s definitely worth spending a night in Chefchaouen.

Although it is a small village and easy to visit in one day, if you don’t spend the night there, you will miss the spectacle of the sunset seen from the top of the Bouzafer Mosque (the Spanish Mosque).

Furthermore, at night, the city takes on an even more magical atmosphere, with its illuminated alleys and great restaurants offering local delicacies and live music.

Where to stay in Chefchaouen: the best location

The best place to stay in Chefchaouen is around Uta el Hamman Square , where the Kasbah is located . This is exactly where the village was founded.

Being in this region, you can walk through the beautiful blue streets without making sacrifices, visiting the tourist attractions, walking leisurely and stopping to browse the numerous craft shops.

We have selected some well-located hotels, riads and hostels to help you.

Hotels and riads in Chefchaouen

We have handpicked the best hotels in Chefchaouen. All of them are located near the medina, close to the main tourist attractions and essential services.

Casa Sabila

Casa Sabila (Chefchaouen)

We start our list of hotels in Chefchaouen with one that caters to all audiences, offering single, double or triple rooms , for those traveling alone, as a couple or with the family.

The decoration of Casa Sabila is charming, enhancing the Arab-Andalusian architecture with locally produced artisanal pieces and natural materials. 

All suites are equipped with a desk, clothes racks, orthopedic pillows and cotton sheets. In the bathroom, powerful showers, mirrors and hairdryers, in addition to bath amenities.

Breakfast is hearty, with lots of typical foods and a jaw-dropping view of the city and the Rif Mountains.

It’s our favorite riad in Chefchaouen , but it’s worth reading on to find out about the others.

Dar Bleu Main

Dar Bleu Main (Chefchaouen)

It’s surprising how such a silent and peaceful place can be situated between El Baria and Jamaa streets , Chefchaouen’s main commercial thoroughfares, known for their countless craft shops and Instagrammable scenes.

Dar Bleu Main is a luxurious and exclusive riad, with just five rooms , all of them doubles, with double beds or two single beds. They are adorned with fine wood furniture, Moroccan tapestries and high-quality trousseau. In addition, bathroom amenities are offered at no additional cost, providing even more comfort to guests.

In the morning, a generous breakfast is served on the terrace, offering a stunning view of the blue buildings that make up the landscape. A charming experience!

Riad Dar Chama

Riad Dar Chama is the perfect place for those looking for a luxurious hotel in Chefchaouen , combining the grandeur of Moroccan architecture with touches of sophistication and modernity.

The structure is first class, offering spacious, elegantly decorated rooms, carefully arranged and clean, with complimentary biscuits and chocolates . All units are equipped with heating and air conditioning.

The location is another highlight – on the charming Place El Haouta and less than a five-minute walk from the Kasbah . Banks, shops, cafes, restaurants and stores are just a short walk from the riad. For those traveling by car, there is a secure and monitored parking lot nearby.

Casa Hassan

Casa Hassan (Chefchaouen)

Casa Hassan is one of the best hotels in Chefchaouen, offering the experience of staying in a meticulously restored riad 70 meters from Uta el Hamman Square .

The space maintains the historical and cultural essence of the region, preserving ancient hand-painted paintings, stunning mosaics, stained glass windows, hydraulic tiles and carved wood details that highlight the rich Moroccan artisanal tradition.

Every corner of Casa Hassan reflects the care and dedication to keeping cultural heritage alive , adding to the comfort that modernity provides us. There is only one single suite, as well as five double suites. All of them are decorated with hand-carved wooden furniture, Moroccan tapestries, blackout curtains and air conditioning. Some units also feature a fireplace.

Breakfast, in turn, is served in a landscaped courtyard, where guests can enjoy a variety of fresh and delicious local delicacies to start the day in the best possible way.

Riad Nila

Riad Nila offers 11 air-conditioned rooms, decorated in light colors that provide a feeling of cleanliness, warmth and sophistication. Each room is equipped with a TV with Netflix, minibar and coffee machine, ensuring comfort and convenience for guests. Some units also have private balconies, perfect for relaxing and having a cup of tea.

The biggest difference at Riad Nila is the acoustic insulation of the suites , which completely blocks the noise coming from the medina. So, needless to say, the hotel is in an excellent location, well stocked with all the services you need during your trip.

Finally, it is also worth mentioning that this riad also has an open terrace, providing not only a view of the old part of the city, but also a privileged panorama of the sunset .

Hostels in Chefchaouen

Chefchaouen also offers affordable accommodation options that combine comfort and a great location. While these accommodations may offer a little less privacy, they don’t compromise on quality of stay, allowing guests to make the most of the city’s charming atmosphere without breaking the bank.

Riad Sakura

Riad Sakura (Chefchaouen)

If you are looking for a cheap accommodation option in Chefchaouen , Riad Sakura is an excellent choice. The hostel offers private rooms and shared dormitories, which are divided into female and male. In private rooms, guests will find bath products and towels available.

Riad Sakura is strategically located at the entrance to the medina, just 50 meters from Jaama , which is equivalent to a two-minute walk.

For photography lovers, it’s worth waking up early and exploring the street before the tours arrive. And don’t forget to come back in time to enjoy a delicious breakfast on the terrace, with a stunning view of the mountains.

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Hostel Aline

If you are the type of traveler who just needs a clean and tidy place to sleep, Hostel Aline is the ideal place for you.

The facilities are simple, but the prices are very affordable. This is one of the cheapest hostels in Chefchaouen, offering double rooms and shared dormitories, with two mixed and one female options.

Breakfast is included in the daily rate and is served with great friendliness by the staff.

Dar Dadicilef

Dar Dadicilef (Chefchaouen)

“Dar” means “home” and “dadicilef” is the word “HAPPINESS” spelled backwards. And that’s the kind of experience this hostel in Chefchaouen offers: a cozy space to make you feel at home and a welcoming staff to bring you joy.

The environment at Dar Dadicilef was designed to provide integration between guests. They even provide board games.

There are double rooms and shared dormitories, all equipped with nice blankets and comfortable pillows. The location is great and the value for money is even better!

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