Where to Stay in Zagreb in 2024 – 5 Best Areas (with Prices)

Where to Stay in Zagreb - 5 Best Areas (with Prices)

Where to Stay in Zagreb Croatia – Croatia has been a popular tourist destination for several years, and more and more travelers want to explore Zagreb  , a city that is both modern and historic, which has many surprises in store. It is also one of the safest destinations in Europe . 

If you are also planning a trip to Zagreb, then you are probably looking for the place where you will settle down during your stay or for just a few nights if you are going on a road trip to Croatia . This is good, since in this post, I will tell you about the best places to sleep in Zagreb . 

I will take you to discover the most pleasant and welcoming neighborhoods of the Croatian capital, those where you will be perfectly located to make many discoveries in and around the city. To make your stay in Zagreb a success, I will also show you some examples of comfortable establishments, where you will be warmly welcomed.

How to choose the best place to stay in Zagreb?

Even though Zagreb is the largest city in the country, it is also what we call a capital on a human scale. Here, where you choose to stay will mainly depend on the  type of trip  you plan to do.

best place to stay in Zagreb

The historic district of Zagreb ( Gornji Grad ) and the Kaptol district   will often be the best choice for travelers who are discovering the city for the first time and want to do numerous cultural visits. Some neighborhoods like  Maksimir  will be better suited to people traveling as a couple or family, and others like  Jarun  will be wiser choices for those who mostly want to party until very late at night.

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This is why, so that you can  choose the right place to stay in Zagreb  with full knowledge of the facts, I will tell you below about all these neighborhoods, their atmospheres and what they can offer you. Of course, the price of accommodation is also a criterion to take into account, and I will also tell you about the most interesting area for people traveling on a tight budget. 

But in Zagreb, you will often have the opportunity to find establishments that offer particularly good value for money, especially if you don’t wait until the last minute to take care of this issue. Book as soon as possible  if you want to be able to access the most attractive accommodation, and sometimes even have the opportunity to take advantage of very advantageous rates.


Studio Apartments in Zagreb

If you are looking for a good deal for accommodation during your stay in Zagreb and you prefer to have your independence, I recommend the Studio Apartments City & Style which is located in the center of Zagreb, less than one kilometer from King Tomislav Square. 

This establishment offers modern, comfortable and fully equipped studios with kitchen (dishwasher, oven, refrigerator, etc.) from €80 per night. You also have the option to request an airport shuttle service for an additional fee 😉

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Gornji Grad, the historic center

This  historic district  in the center of Zagreb stands on the hill of the same name. It is also sometimes called the “upper town”. When visiting Zagreb, it is one of the must-see places, and without a doubt one of the most pleasant areas where you can set down your suitcases.

Gornji Grad is home to  Jelačić Square , the most important and certainly the most beautiful square in Zagreb. Here you can also discover iconic monuments and sites such as the Church of Saint Mark , a superb 13th century building, the  Lotrščak Tower , the  Hrvatsko narodno kazalište National Theater  or the  Mirogoj cemetery , where some of the greatest personalities rest. from the country.
On the streets of this district you can see many beautiful buildings with typical Austro-Hungarian architecture. You will have the opportunity to take very beautiful walks, notably in the magnificent  Zrinjevac Park , or by discovering the Zagreb Botanical Garden.

In terms of accommodation, there are quite a few, but in the historic parts of the capital, you can mainly find guest rooms. If you want to access hotels or even youth hostels, you will have to book even earlier, otherwise you risk not finding a free room.

Where to sleep in Zagreb in Gornji Grad?

jagerhorn Hotel in zagreb
  • The Hotel Jägerhorn  is a very charming hotel located in the old town, on a quiet, pedestrian street near Ban Jelacic Square. This recent establishment has a bar and a very good restaurant. You will find spacious rooms for two with a beautiful view of the city and the garden, from  around €150  per night.

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  • Apartment Perla is 200 m from Zrinjevac Park and about 300 m from Zagreb Archaeological Museum. This property offers fully equipped studios and apartments. The apartment, which has a sea view and can accommodate 4 people, is priced around €100 per night.


Kaptol  is the other central district, it is the most touristy sector of Zagreb, since it is here that many monuments and unmissable sites are gathered. Located right next to Gornji Grad and also attached to the hill, Kaptol is particularly well known for its cathedral.


The  Notre-Dame-de-l’Assomption Cathedral, Saint-Étienne and Saint-Ladislas , is the great symbol of the city. It also appears on the Croatian 1000 kuna note. This building, whose construction began at the end of the 11th century, is one of the oldest in the country, but it is also the tallest. This exceptional testimony to Gothic architecture can be visited free of charge.

Kaptopl’s other star attraction is the  Strossmayer Promenade , which allows you to take a broad overview of the district and discover a large number of monuments and works of art. You will also have the opportunity to attend street shows, and you will be able to taste all the local specialties in authentic restaurants, and spend pleasant evenings in pop-up bars.

Even if the attraction of the district is obvious, Kaptol still remains an authentic district which is not crowded, even during the most touristy periods. It is a particularly charming and pleasant neighborhood , where you can find a nice variety of establishments to spend a few nights during your stay in Zagreb. It is here that you can find most of the city’s youth hostels , which are often very well located.

Where to sleep in Kaptol?

  • Art Hotel Like  is a 3-star property located a stone’s throw from the cathedral and less than 500 meters from the main squares and shopping streets. You can find beautiful double rooms with a view of the city, for around  €140 per night.
Art Hotel Like in Zagreb
  • Paon Boutique Appartements  offers entire apartments within a 10-minute walk of Zagreb Cathedral. They are perfectly located in old Zagreb, right next to several very good restaurants. The small studio for two people of 20 m², with a large comfortable double bed, is priced from  around €100  per night.

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Not everyone wants to spend their nights in the quietest neighborhoods, and if on the contrary you like to go out in the evening and discover the  nightlife  of the cities you visit, then it is probably in the  Jarun district that you should look for accommodation.

This area bordering a lake is home to a large number of nightclubs where you will have the opportunity to party until the early hours in an atmosphere that never fades. At the edge of the lake, you can also take beautiful walks and enjoy some fresh air in the heart of the capital.

During the summer, this area is even more lively, since you can attend several music festivals, such as the  INmusic festival  which takes place every year at the end of June and which is the largest contemporary music festival in Croatia.

Jarun will also appeal to people who want to practice outdoor activities during their trip, since this large body of water is partly devoted to  leisure . The aquatic area even hosts water sports competitions. It is the perfect place in Zagreb to relax, have fun or do an  outdoor activity  like jogging, rollerblading or cycling. When good weather arrives, you can even go canoeing, pedal boating or wakeboarding, and of course go swimming.

Jarun Lakes

Jarun is undoubtedly the favorite neighborhood for young and dynamic people who want to enjoy themselves both during the day and at night. In addition, even if it is a little out of the center, it remains well served since thanks to tram lines 5 and 17, the historic center can be reached in just 20 minutes.

Where to sleep in Zagreb in Jarun?

  • Hotel Jarun is a modern establishment with a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere, which includes a bar, a restaurant and a gym. It is located right next to the bus and tram, less than 10 minutes from the lake and the shopping center. Its rooms are spacious and the bedding is comfortable. The double room is priced from around €120 per night.
  • Apartments Sava  is a very well-equipped 40 m² apartment with a terrace, which is located just 100 m from the river banks and less than 5 minutes from Jarun Lake. With a double bed and a sofa bed, this apartment can accommodate 2 to 4 people, for around  €50 to €70  per night.


Are you wondering what to do in Croatia during your stay in Zagreb? You can explore the city by electric scooter or hop-on hop-off tourist bus, discover Croatian gastronomy on a guided food tour and after exploring the city you can also go on an excursion to the Plitvice Lakes, go ziplining on the island of Krk, or even in Ljubljana, the Slovenian capital. However, remember to book your activities to avoid unpleasant surprises 🙂

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If during your stay in Zagreb you would rather enjoy a lot of peace and quiet, especially during your nights, then  Maksimir  is a neighborhood away from the hustle and bustle that could perfectly match your expectations.

Maksimir Park

The real asset of this district is  Maksimir Park , a large green space of more than 300 hectares where you can find woods, vast meadows, ponds, and where you can take very beautiful walks on foot or on foot. bike. This park even houses the  Maksimir Zoo , one of the favorite attractions of young and old in Zagreb.

If by chance the Croatian football team is playing while you’re there, it will probably be here at the  Maksimir Stadium . This stadium also hosts the matches of the country’s biggest club, Dinamo Zagreb, and if you have the opportunity, you can attend matches there in a particularly warm atmosphere.

Maksimir is one of the best areas to settle down during a family stay, if you want to sleep in a very green and particularly quiet place. It is not here that you will find the widest range of hotel establishments, but if you do not wait too long, you should be able to find a good hotel at a more attractive price than those in the central areas. city.

Where to sleep in Zagreb in Maksimir?

  • Deluxe Apartments Zagreb offers comfortable, well-appointed and well-equipped complete apartments, located about 1 km from the stadium, in a quiet street and close to many restaurants. You can find apartments for two people of 37 m² with all the necessary comfort, for around €75 per night.
casablanca hotel
  • Casablanca Boutique Bed&Breakfast  is a guesthouse perfectly located in Maksimir, near the city center. It notably has a beautiful interior garden with a bar and a terrace. Double rooms are available from  around €125  per night.

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New Zagreb

New Zagreb  is a district which undoubtedly has fewer tourist attractions, but which may still interest certain travelers, particularly those on a  fairly tight budget  or who want to take full advantage of the  nightlife .

New Zagreb

This modern and elegant district of Zagreb is located south of the Save River. Here, the atmosphere is very different from that which you will find in the more historic parts of the Croatian capital. In this rapidly expanding district, and particularly on the Dubrovnik Avenue side, you can find many lively bars and restaurants, which stay open until very late at night.

The area is also home to several very popular shopping centers, such as Arena Centar , where you can find lots of clothing, perfume and fashion accessories boutiques. Novi Zagreb is not devoid of cultural sites, on the contrary, since you can notably discover the Muzej suvremene umjetnosti  (MSU), the  contemporary art museum which is located on Dubrovnik Avenue and which is none other than the largest in the whole country.

Navi Zagreb is a mainly residential district , where the most modern buildings rub shoulders with classic buildings from the Soviet era. Here, the accommodation offer is not yet very developed, but if you start looking for your accommodation early enough, you will be able to find real good deals.

Where to sleep in Novi Zagreb?

  • Apartment Petar i Dora  is a well-located accommodation in Novi Zagreb. With a surface area of ​​43 m², it notably has a beautiful equipped kitchen and a balcony which offers a view of the city. Free public parking is located right next door. This apartment can accommodate 2 to 3 people, for around  €50  per night.
  • Hotel Novi Zagreb  is a 3-star property featuring a bar, a restaurant and private parking. It is located about a 5-minute walk from the Arena Center. The staff is really attentive, and you can find beautiful, clean and very spacious double rooms in this hotel, priced from  around €80  per night.

We have reached the end of this article! I hope you liked it and that you now know where to stay in Zagreb! If you are wondering where to go in Croatia 

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